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17263 TEXT NEW POST "레바논 폭발 남 일 아니네"…국내 화학공단 긴급 점검 '비상' "Lebanon's explosion is not far away" domestic chemicalindustrial complexes in emergency crackdown With the recent mega-explosion that occurred in Lebanon … 08-07 3
17262 TEXT NEW POST 이중고' 금호타이어, 새 도급업체 모집…11일까지 접수 Kumho(금호) Tire recruiting new subcontractors Kumho(금호) Tire revealed on Aug. 7th that there will be new subcontractor companiesbeingrecruited until Aug. 11th. This … 08-07 4
17261 TEXT NEW POST 전남 찾은 이낙연 "호남 역할 커졌다, 안된다는 생각 지워야" Lee NakYeon(이낙연) visits Jeonnam, "Honam(호남)'s role is enlarged." Lee NakYeon(이낙연), a member of the Democratic Party who is now aiming to become the repre… 08-07 4
17260 TEXT NEW POST 전공의 70% 파업 동참 "의료대란 없었지만 안심하긴 일러" 70% of Medical Residents participate in strike Some 70% of domestic medical residents participated in the strike on Aug. 7th. Therefore, mega hospitals had injected medical specia… 08-07 2
17259 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19확진자총14,519, 총 20명 추가, 교회 집단감염 잇달아 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,519, increased by 20, Church cluster infection cases continuing Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 20 as of Aug. 7th to tot… 08-07 2
17258 TEXT NEW POST 물 폭탄에 경전선 토사 유입…광주 송정∼순천 열차 운행 중단 Rain swamping multiple railroads There were tens of mm of rainfall flooding the railroads to result in a landslide that halted train operations. This is according to… 08-07 2
17257 TEXT NEW POST 광주 집중호우에 포트홀 하루100여건으로 급증…올8천200여건 Gwangju sees rapid increase in potholes in roads With the heavy rainfall recorded in Gwangju region, there were 100 cases of potholes reported so far since the monsoon peri… 08-07 5
17256 TEXT NEW POST 광산구 외국인 주민 납세 돕는 다국어 책자 배포 등 Gwangsangu(광산구) distributes multi-language booklets to help foreigner residents with tax payment Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) district revealed that there were 1,000 booklets dis… 08-07 13
17255 TEXT NEW POST 다시 장마?…느린 저기압 영향에 광주·전남 연일 비 Gwangju-Jeonnam rain continuing due to slow low pressure influence Gwangju Jeonnam region is showing prolonged rainfall again due to the influence of a slowly approaching low pressure… 08-07 8
17254 TEXT NEW POST 광주·전남 대학 등록금 반환 불 붙나…"기대 반 우려 반" Gwangju Jeonnam Universities' tuition return Gwangju Jeonnam region's universities have announced that distance and onsite classes will be operated for the 2nd semester… 08-07 13
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