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15101 TEXT NEW POST 무안공항 일본 하늘길 모두 막혔다…도쿄•오사카 운항 중단 Muan airport unveiled yesterday that they are no longer taking reservations for flights bound to Tokyo and Narita from October 26. These two routes had previously been the … 10-22 19
15100 TEXT NEW POST 대형 공사 이어질 광주 백운광장 교통대란 현실화 우려 One of the busiest streets in Gwangju, “ Baekwoon square”, is projected to go through severe traffic congestion for the next couple of years. There are two main reasons for th… 10-22 9
15099 TEXT NEW POST 전남도민 지난해 결혼10명 중1명은 외국인 배우자 Recent statistics shows that the number of marriages between locals and foreigners has steadily decreased in Jeonnam in recent years, although international marriage is still a big part of … 10-22 14
15098 TEXT NEW POST 광주 무등산,순천 조계산에 올 가을 첫 단풍 관측 With the arrival of autumn, trees and mountains have started to change color. And one of the best places to enjoy the reds and oranges is Mt. Mudeung, in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo To view… 10-22 7
15097 TEXT NEW POST 4분기 광고시장 꿈틀- KOBACO KAI 108.6…의류 신발 미용업종 강세 The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) has predicted that the overall Korea Advertising Index (KAI) will continue its rising trend in the fourth quarter at 10… 10-22 6
15096 TEXT 2019 한·아세안 특별문화장관회의, 23일 광주서 열린다 Culture ministers from Southeast Asia to gather in Gwangu Culture ministers from South Korea and 10 Southeast Asian nations will hold a meeting on Wednesday in Gwangju to discuss … 10-21 12
15095 TEXT 무안공항 일본 하늘길 모두 막혔다…도쿄 ·오사카 운항 중단 Muan Airport shuts down all routes to Japan Passengers will no longer be able to travel Japan through Muan International Airport as it has decided to shut down all fligh… 10-21 9
15094 TEXT 광주도시철도 2호선 공사 본격 시작.. 교통혼잡 우려 Gwangju 2ndSubway line construction starts today Gwangju’s long-awaited construction project of the urban subway line 2 has taken a major step forward, as Gwangju officially announc… 10-21 8
15093 TEXT 미세먼지 다시 기승...올 가을 첫 예비저감조치 Gov. launches first fine dust reduction measures of the season South Korea kicked off preliminary measures to reduce fine dust air pollution on Monday, the first such steps taken this autu… 10-21 7
15092 TEXT 유니클로 광고 논란에 양금덕 할머니 패러디 영상 나와 Amid mounting controversy surrounding Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO's new advertisement, a Parody video with subtitles in Korean, English and Japanese has appeared, starring… 10-21 20
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