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17245 TEXT NEW POST '우여곡절' 광주 송정역 주차빌딩 이르면 올해 말 착공 Gwangju SongJeong(송정) Station Parking Building to initiate construction from the end of this year The Songjeong(송정) Station Parking Building is to initiate constr… 11:42 3
17244 TEXT NEW POST 광주전남에 많은 비·강한 바람…"7일까지 최대 200㎜" Gwangju Jeonnam region with strong wind and heavy rainfall There is a heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds occurring in the Gwangju Jeonnam region. Therefore, there are heavy r… 11:41 3
17243 TEXT NEW POST 광주시·중소 상인 단체, 어등산 관광단지 개발 방안 공동 논의 Gwangju City and small and medium merchants organization to discuss Mt. Eodung(어등) Tourism Complex Development measures Gwangju City and small and medium merchants org… 07:50 6
17242 TEXT NEW POST 505보안부대 옛터 등 5·18사적지 4곳 보존사업 어떻게 505 Security Unit's old sites and other 3 May 18th Historical Sites preservation project There are smooth operations ongoing for the preservation projects for the 4 May 18th Democ… 07:49 5
17241 TEXT NEW POST 전남 동부권서 코로나19 확진자 2명 발생(종합) Jeonnam's Dongbu(동부) district with 2 additional infection cases Jeonnam's Suncheon(순천) and GwangYang(광양) each had additional cases of the COVID 19 virus. As for Sunch… 08-05 16
17240 TEXT NEW POST 광주 인공지능 조찬 포럼 정례화…"인재·기술·정보 교류" Gwangju AI Breakfast Forum regularized Gwangju City will hold a forum between AI Corporations, universities, and institutions on a regular basis. This is according to Gwan… 08-05 14
17239 TEXT NEW POST 문화 콘텐츠의 힘…광주 애니 업체 매출 5천만→58억원 수직상승 Cultural Contents, Gwangju Animation corporations to show dramatic increase in profit Animation corporations within the Gwangju region recorded a significant growth to … 08-05 15
17238 TEXT NEW POST 광주전남 소나기·꿉꿉한 더위…태풍이 남긴 저기압 탓(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam showers and humidity due to the low pressure system left by the typhoon Due to the influence of the 4th typhoon, 'Hagupit(하구핏)', there were … 08-05 13
17237 TEXT NEW POST 정부, 총파업예고 의협에'협의체' 거듭 제안…"현안 논의하자" Govt. to suggest 'consultative body' to be formed to the Medical Association The medical fields have threatened an overall strike against the governm… 08-05 10
17236 TEXT NEW POST 역대 최장수준 장마, 소양강댐 3년만에 수문개방 Downpours continue to grip S. Korea, key dam opens floodgates Damage from the heavy rain that has pounded South Korea's metropolitan and central regions continued to increase on Aug. 5… 08-05 12
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