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909 TEXT 기아 타이거즈, 프로야구 최초 통산 2만 4천 탈삼진 Kia Tigers to Mark Korean Baseball League's First Accumulated Strike-out at 24,000 Gwangju's professional baseball team, Kia Tigers, broke the record for total accumulated… 10-02 2635
908 TEXT 광주전남 100명이상 입학정원 감축 대학 6곳 6 Universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to See More than 100 Drop in New Students The number of local universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo that are predicted to see a reduction in the to… 10-02 2502
907 TEXT 광주 관광협회, 대구에서 '달빛동맹' 투어 Gwangju Tourism Association to Tour Daegu for 'Dalbit Alliance' Gwangju Tourism authorities and travel agency officials will travel to Daegu to visit historical and cultural… 10-02 2454
906 TEXT 문화수도 광주에서 아시아문화포럼 개막 Asia Culture Forum to Kick Off in Cultural Capital City of Gwangju The Asia Culture Forum discussing various measures aimed at the cultivation of Asian culture and growth will be held in Gwangju… 10-02 2512
905 TEXT 빛고을 공예 페어 한마당 10월 30일부터 Bitgoeul Handicraft Fair to be Held from October 30th Gwangju Design Center will host the '2014 Bitgoeul Handicraft Fair' from October 30th to November 2nd to promote values of handicraft … 10-01 2438
904 TEXT 광주시, 새 체육시설 명칭 공모 Gwangju to Seek New Name for Newly-built Sports Facilities in the City The city of Gwangju will seek names suggested by the citizens and residents of the city for the newly-built sports facilities prior to t… 10-01 2382
903 TEXT 광주전남 상생위원회, 오늘 공식 출범 Joint Development Committee for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Launched Today Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Joint Development Committee was officially launched today to promote and facilitate balanced regional d… 10-01 2212
902 TEXT 아시아문화전당 '문화광장' 18일 첫 공개 'Cultural Square' in Asia Culture Complex to be Unveiled on October 18th With 1 year left until the grand opening of the National Asia Culture Complex, the Ministry of Culture… 10-01 2352
901 TEXT 전남도 일본 무역교류단, 1,778 만달러 수출계약 Jeollanamdo Trade Group in Japan Signs Export Deal for 178 Million Dollars Jeollanamdo dispatched a trade group to Japan from September 23rd to the 27th and signed export deals worth 178… 10-01 2208
900 TEXT 인천아시안게임 남자 단체 금메달, 전남 출신 선수들 Group Bowling Team from Jeollanamdo Win Gold at Incheon Asiad The Korean men's bowling team won a gold medal in bowling yesterday and among the five-member team, two of the at… 10-01 2420
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