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1841 TEXT 전남도, 목포역-송정역 관광정보 센터 설치한다 Jeollanamdo to Install Tourism Information Center at Mokpo and Songjeong Station Jeollanamdo will install provincial tourism information centers at Mokpo and Gwangju Songjeong stations … 02-02 2558
1840 TEXT 광주시 ‘공유문화도시’ 첫 걸음 뗀다 Gwangju to Take its First Step to Become a ‘Sharing Culture City’ The city of Gwangju will reportedly take its first step to become a ‘Sharing Culture City’, which shares space, knowledge,… 02-02 2386
1839 TEXT 광주, ‘기아 도시’ 조성 계획 탄력 받는다 Gwangju Gains Momentum to Become ‘Kia City’ The city of Gwangju’s plan to transform the city into a central hub of the domestic automobile industry dubbed ‘Kia City’ will gain momen… 02-02 2340
1838 TEXT 무등산 정상 공군부대 이전, 광주 전남 지역민들이 나선다 Local Residents Raise Voices Over the Need of Relocation of Military Base on Top of the Mt. Mudeung Local residents in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will work on relocating the m… 02-02 2460
1837 TEXT 한전 광주전남 혁신도시 이주 Relocated to Bitgaram City, KEPCO Raises Hopes for Regional Development The recently relocated Korea Electric Power Corporation in the Gwangju and Jeonam Joint Innovation City at Bitgaram will reportedly inves… 02-02 2465
1836 TEXT 담뱃값 인상, 보건소 금연클리닉 인기 Smoking Clinics Gain Popularity Due to Increased Cigarette Price Smoking clinics in Jeollanamdo continue to gain popularity among smokers in the region since the price raise in cigarette packages to… 02-02 2326
1835 TEXT 광주시, 봄철 산불 대책본부 가동 Gwangju to Run Spring Season Wild Fire Responsive Committee The city of Gwangju designated February 1st to May 15th as ‘Special Period for Prevention of Wild Fires’ and will operate wild fire preventiv… 02-02 2348
1834 TEXT 새정치연합 광주+전남도당 KTX 서대전 경유 반대 집회 Regional NPAD Party Lawmakers to Protest Against the Inclusion of Seodaejeon station for Honam KTX Regional lawmakers from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democra… 02-02 2291
1833 TEXT 목포시 ‘야경 시티투어’ 7월부터 ‘Nighttime City Tour’ to Begin in March in Mokpo The city of Mokpo will run a nighttime city tour program from July this year. Touring around famous tourist attractions in Mokpo at Mokpo Peace Squ… 02-02 2380
1832 TEXT 여수-순천-광양시 올 해 첫 실무협의회 가졌다 Yeosu – Suncheon – Gwangyang to Seek Solutions for Joint Development of the Three Cities Regional municipalities representing Yeosu, Suncheon and Gwangyang held the first round of mee… 01-30 2452
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