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20440 TEXT 전남도 '코로나19' 접종 완료율 80% 돌파 Jeonnam Province exceeds 80% COVID19 vaccination inoculation rate Jeonnam Province has exceeded an 80% COVID19 vaccination rate. According to Jeonnam Province on the 12th, there are 1.54 mi… 11-12 23
20439 TEXT 싱가포르→한국' 외국인, 백신접종 이력 인정…첫 사례 Vaccine inoculation history acknowledged for the first time for foreigners from Singapore to Korea The Korean government decided to acknowledge the vaccine inoculation history o… 11-12 34
20438 TEXT 요양병원 확진자 증가세…광주11명·전남 15명 Gwangju with 11, Jeonnam 15 new patients found, nursing hospital patients increased With continuing COVID19 transmission, the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions have 26 new patients. According to the… 11-12 26
20437 TEXT 광주시,재난지원금 지급 준비 착수 Gwangju City begins preparation for Disaster Support Funds distribution Gwangju City began preparations for the distribution of Disaster Support Funds which is planned for next Seollal(설날) or Lunar New … 11-12 31
20436 TEXT 국립트라우마센터 설립 가시화 National Trauma Center establishment almost confirmed The National State Violence Trauma Treatment Center establishment's legal grounds have been set. The Center is to attend to the trauma of victims and … 11-12 31
20435 TEXT '집단확진'광주 모 요양병원 이동자제 권고 Clustertransmission, Gwangju's nursing hospital advised to restrict for moving There was cluster transmission found from a nursing hospital located in Gwangju City where transmissio… 11-12 28
20434 TEXT 대한민국 애니메이션 시상식…광주이스포츠경기장 Korea Animation Award Ceremony, Gwangju e-sports stadium The first event to award animation writers and seek development direction will be held in Gwangju. The Gwangju Information Cu… 11-11 26
20433 TEXT 전남·일신방직 터, 전략적 중심상업지로 개발 Jeonnam(전남), Ilsin(일신) Textiles site to be developed into strategic centered commercial district The Jeonnam(전남) and Ilsin(일신) Textile Factory Sites will be developed into a Stra… 11-11 30
20432 TEXT 광주시, 내년도 예산 7조121억원 편성…올해 대비 11% 증가 Gwangju City assigned 7.01 trillion won for next year's budget, 11% rise compared to this year Gwangju City submitted next year's budget of 7.01 trillion won worth t… 11-11 20
20431 TEXT 광주시, 9개 기업과 573억원 규모 투자협약 체결 Gwangju City signs investment agreements with 9 corporations for 57.3 billion won Gwangju City signed investment agreements with 9 domestic corporations worth a total of 57.3 billion won. … 11-11 25
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