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18561 TEXT 광주, 교회예배 전면 금지→ 설 연휴 '20% 제한' Gwangju City allowing 20% capacities for church services during the Lunar New Year holiday Gwangju City is allowing partial face-to-face church services of up to 20% of the total cap… 02-10 51
18560 TEXT 광주에 국내 첫 LPG·LNG 듀얼 수소 연료전지 발전소 건립 Gwangju City to establish LPG, LNG Dual Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant for the first time across the country There will be a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant where LPG and LNG are simultaneousl… 02-10 48
18559 TEXT 정 총리 "3월 내 4차 재난지원금 지급 대상 확정…차등 지원" Prime Minister Jung, "4th Disaster Support Fund Distribution Subjects to be confirmed in Mar." Jung SaeGyun(정세균), the Prime Minister said on Feb. 10th that the 4th d… 02-10 48
18558 TEXT 서울-광주 고속도로 4시간 20분' 광주·전남 설 귀성길 시작 'Seoul(서울) to Gwangju' taking 4hr and 20min on expressway The Gwangju Jeonnam regions have begun to see traffic movement in the face of the Lunar New Year … 02-10 41
18557 TEXT 광주시 "설 명절은 집에서"…방역수칙 준수 거듭 호소 Gwangju City urging to stay "at home during the Lunar New Year's" Gwangju City health authorities have urged once again for the prevention measures to be kept amid the ongoing … 02-10 44
18556 TEXT '교회발 연쇄 감염' 광주·전남 밤새 8명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 8 additional infection cases found overnight There were 8 infected patients confirmed within the Gwangju Jeonnam regions overnight. The… 02-10 49
18555 TEXT 광주·전남 설 연휴 중 '포근'…"화재·교통 안전주의" Gwangju Jeonnam 'warm' temperatures during the Lunar New Year Holiday The Gwangju Jeonnam regions will continue with clear skies and warm temperatu… 02-10 47
18554 TEXT 광주 의료원 설립 본격화, 공공 의료체계 강화 Gwangju Medical Center realized, public medical system reinforced With the ongoing COVID19 transmission, the Gwangju Medical Center establishment is being realized. This is to protect citizens… 02-10 46
18553 TEXT 이낙연 이틀간 호남行…설 앞두고 텃밭 민심에 러브콜 Lee NakYeon(이낙연) visiting Honam(호남) region for 2 days Lee NakYeon(이낙연), the leader of the Democratic Party is visiting the Gwangju Jeonnam region in the face of the L… 02-10 44
18552 TEXT '아마존서 인기몰이' 전남 농수산 제품 올해 첫 선적 Jeonnam Agricultural and Seafoods shipped off for the first time this year Jeonnam Province held the first Export Shipping Ceremony of this year on Feb. 9th. This is to ac… 02-09 48
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