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15051 TEXT Checking on today's weather in our region, it was a mostly sunny day in Gwangju and south Jeolla, but chillier air moved in so readings will remain on the cool side in the evening, It will be even chillier tomorrow morning so dress accordingly. T… 10-15 13
15050 TEXT 한국 vs 북한 축구 생중계 무산 World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang not to be screened live The match between the two Koreas for the Soccer World Cup qualifier set to kick off in Pyongyang, will not be screened live to a South Korean audiences. … 10-15 8
15049 TEXT '광주다운 도시만들기' 도시계획 조례 개정.. Gwangju pushes for urban development project The Gwangju Metropolitan Government said it will partially revise the "Act on Planning and Use of National Territory" and the "City Plan… 10-15 11
15048 TEXT 광주·전남 교권침해 1위는 '모욕·명예훼손' Teachers in Gwangju and South Jeolla suffer various violations While violations of educator’s rights have continued at schools in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province, the largest numb… 10-15 7
15047 TEXT 한국노총 광주본부 광주형 일자리 참여 중단 Gwangju Labor Union decides not to take part in the Gwangju Type Job Project The Gwangju Style Job Model project has met with crisis as local labor circles decided not to take a part in the v… 10-15 8
15046 TEXT 정부, 멧돼지 폐사체로 인한 돼지열병 확산방지 총력 S. Korea in battle to stem possible spread of ASF via wild boars Quarantine authorities on Monday vowed to prevent the potential spread of African swine fever via wild boars, as so… 10-15 7
15045 TEXT 조국 장관 전격사퇴.. Justice Minister Cho Kuk resigns over corruption allegations Justice Minister Cho Kuk resigned from his cabinet post Monday, after nearly two months of investigations by prosecutors into corruption allegations surrounding … 10-15 10
15044 TEXT 광주에서도‘검찰개혁’촛불집회…검찰청까지 행진 A rally calling for the reform of the prosecution was organized in Gumnam-ro last Saturday. It was the second rally organized in Gwangju to voice the need for prosecution reform. Th… 10-14 19
15043 TEXT 무등산 국립공원 내달2일 정상 개방…”예약필수” Mudeng National Park is holding a summit opening event on November 2nd from 9 am to 4 pm. The summit, consists of천왕봉,지왕봉and인왕봉 which are usuallyrestricted as the area is… 10-14 37
15042 TEXT 광주전남5년간 교사248명 음주운전 적발…전남,서울보다 많아 According to a report submitted by the Ministry of Education, 248 school teachers in Gwangju and Jeonnam were caught for DUI(driving under the influence of alcohol) in the l… 10-14 34
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