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18641 TEXT 광주 일일확진자 35명 폭증…라이나생명콜센터 관련 누적 25명(종합) Gwangju with 35 infected patients found, Lina(라이나) Life Call Center related cases total 25 so far There were 35 infected patients found as of yesterday with… 02-24 19
18640 TEXT 5·18 정신 확산 이론적 토대 연구할 정책연구팀 출범 May 18th Policy Research Team launched The May 18th Policy Research Team has launched to prepare the theoretical foundations for May 18th's spirit to be nationalized and global… 02-24 18
18639 TEXT 광주 콜센터·음악학원 확진 속출…시설 폐쇄·전수검사 Gwangju with infection cases found from call-centers and music academies Gwangju City had infected patients found from the call-center of an insurance company and a music academy… 02-24 17
18638 TEXT 광주 자치경찰제 조직·인력구성 착수…5월 자치경찰위원회 출범 Gwangju self-governing police committee to be launched Gwangju City and the Gwangju Police Agency have begun to organize a committee and staff in preparation for the… 02-23 24
18637 TEXT 광주 아동학대 연간844건…광주시,대응체계 강화한다 Gwangju to strengthen child abuse response system Gwangju Metropolitan City will strengthen its response system for child abuse, which has become a social issue. According to the … 02-23 24
18636 TEXT 유네스코 창의 도시 광주,미디어아트로 밤길 밝힌다 Gwangju to take a step forward for city of media art Gwangju, the "City of UNESCO Creative," will greatly expand its media art base and content to strengthen its identity. The cit… 02-23 14
18635 TEXT 광주 서구 임시 선별진료소'구청2층 광장'으로 이전 Seogu’s COVID-19 testing center to be relocated Gwangju’s Seogu District will relocate the temporary COVID-19 screening center, which had been installed in the parking … 02-23 16
18634 TEXT "새학기 등교수업 확대"광주교육청 학사·방역대책 발표 Schools in Gwangju to start their spring semester as planned The new semester for schools in Gwangju will be started as scheduled on the 2ndof March. According to the Gwangju… 02-23 17
18633 TEXT 법원, '5·18북한군 개입'지만원 신간 출판·배포 금지 Gwangju District Court bans Ji Man-won’s book publication The Gwangju District Court has decided to ban the publication and distribution of a new book by Ji Man-won, who… 02-23 22
18632 TEXT 광주·전남 소규모'n차 감염'…하루13명 확진 Gwangju and Jeonnam see 13 additional cases A small cluster of COVID-19 infections are continuing in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. Gwangju city reported 7 additional cases yesterday, br… 02-23 19
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