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20782 TEXT 전남경찰,새해부터 암행순찰차로 일반도로 과속차량 단속Jeonnam Police operating undercover police cars to crackdown on speeding on general roadsJeonnam Police will be operating undercover police cars to crackdown on speeding vehicles on g… 12-31 188
20781 TEXT 광주·전남145명 양성…순천 목욕시설서13명 감염Gwangju Jeonnam with 145 patients, Suncheon(순천) Bathing Facility with 13 casesThe Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 145 new patients yesterday.According to the health authorities today, there we… 12-31 171
20780 TEXT 내년 1월 1일부터 광주 어린이보호구역 주정차 전면 금지 Gwangju Children Protection Zone Parking prohibited from Jan. 1st next year Gwangju City revealed on the 30th that all parking will be completely banned in child protection zones f… 12-31 173
20779 TEXT 여수 돌산항, 수산·관광 복합공간으로 재탄생 Yeosu(여수) Dolsanhang(돌산항) Port to be reborn into aquatic and tourism complex space The Yeosu Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries revealed on the 30th that Dolsanhang(돌산항) Por… 12-31 178
20778 TEXT '초등학교도 오미크론 감염'…광주 63명·전남 29명(종합) 'Elementary school with Omicron variant', Gwangju 63, Jeonnam 29 patients There was a patient related to an elementary school in Gwangju City confirmed to be inf… 12-31 178
20777 TEXT 광주시, 캐스퍼 구매 보조금 1천300여만원 지급 Gwangju City supporting 13 million won for CASPER purchase subsidies Gwangju City revealed on the 30th that a total of 13.1 million won of subsidies were offered for 73 Gwangju residents who … 12-30 173
20776 TEXT 광주 상생카드 10% 할인 혜택 내년 6월까지 연장 Gwangju Win-Win Cards 10% discount benefits extended until next June Gwangju City's Win-Win Card’s 10% discount will be extended until next June. According to the City on the 30th, … 12-30 179
20775 TEXT 전남도, 31일부터 오미크론 변이 판독검사 시행 Jeonnam Province conducting Omicron variant diagnosis test from the 31st Jeonnam Province revealed on the 30th that there will be the Variant Diagnostic Tests conducted from the 31st to confi… 12-30 182
20774 TEXT '초등학교도 오미크론 감염'…광주 10일만에 63명·전남 29명 'Elementary School with Omicron variant', Gwangju with 63, Jeonnam 29 cases in 10 days Gwangju’s Namgu(남구) district had the first Omicron variant cas… 12-30 176
20773 TEXT 광주, 보름 만에 확진자 1천명 증가 Gwangju with 1,000 new patients in two weeks While the country is beginning to show a decreasing trend of COVID19 transmission, Gwangju City is showing an increased level of transmission. According to … 12-30 179
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