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1852 TEXT 호남 광역단체장들 오늘 국토부 장관 만났다 Municipal Representatives in Honam Meets Transport Minister Today Municipal representatives in the Honam region, including Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon and Jeollanamdo governor Lee Nak-yeo… 02-03 2428
1851 TEXT 내달 20일부터 진도 신비의 바닷길 축제 Jindo Mysterious Sea-parting Festival to be Held from March 20th The Jindo Mysterious Sea-parting Festival will be held from March 20th to the 23rd in the waters off Jindo Hoedong-ri and Modo-ri… 02-03 2421
1850 TEXT 설 앞두고 채소값 올라 Price of Vegetables Increases Before Seollal Holidays Under the influence of a cold snap and heavy snowfall last month, the prices of major vegetable items, such as spinach, cabbage, pepper and green pumpkin, have seen … 02-03 2528
1849 TEXT 내일 입춘, 광주전남 당분간 쌀쌀한 날씨 First Day of Spring on Lunar Calendar Tomorrow, Cold Snap in Forecast A series of cold and windy days are forecast following Ip-chun, or the first day of Spring according to the lunar calendar, … 02-03 2423
1848 TEXT 보성 청소년 수련원, 천문 과학관 개원 Boseong Youth Training Center and Astronomical Science Center Opens The Boseong-gun located Youth Training Center and Astronomical Science Center opened its doors yesterday to the public. A tota… 02-03 2446
1847 TEXT 여수시, 올해 1조원대 투자유치, 700여명 고용 창출한다 Yeosu to Create 700 New Jobs in the City through Attracting 1 Trillion Won Worth of Investment The city of Yeosu will create 700 new jobs in the city through attracting 1 trill… 02-03 2394
1846 TEXT 광양시, 에콰도르 무역회사와 투자협약 Gwangju Signs MOU with Ecuador-located Trading Corporation The city of Gwangyang recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ecuador-located farming corporations that pledge investment in Gw… 02-03 2431
1845 TEXT 전남도, 4개 대학에서 금연캠퍼스 운영 Jeollanamdo to Run ‘Smoking Free Campus’ at Four Universities in the Region Jeollanamdo will run a ‘Smoking Free Campus’ program at four local universities in the province throughout this y… 02-03 2465
1844 TEXT UN-광주 U대회 유스리더십 프로그램 3일 개막 UN-Gwangju Universiade Youth Leadership Program to Kick Off Today A Youth Leadership Program where adolescents from the developing nations and politically troubled regions can come together … 02-03 2337
1843 TEXT 광주전남 지역 이번 주 날씨 맑고 평년보다 높은 기온 계속 Clear Weather and Mild Temperatures Predicted in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo This Week Sunny, clear skies accompanied by mild weather conditions with temperatures higher than… 02-02 2443
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