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360 TEXT 광주 신창동 유적서 2천년전 유물 출토 2,000 Year-Old Relics Found in Shinchangdong Heritage Site in Gwangju A lacquered arrow and a string instrument were among items excavated in the Shinchangdong historical heritage site in Gwangju y… 07-23 3503
359 TEXT 대입 정보박람회 개최 ‘맞춤형 정보’ 제공 University Admission Expo for ‘Customized Information’ to be Held An informative exposition promoting and offering various information on university admission in the Jeollanamdo region … 07-23 3442
358 TEXT 유병언 사망 변사체, 변사 취급 순천서 초동수사 미흡 Suncheon Police Under Fire for Insufficient Investigation As the police confirmed yesterday that a dead body discovered by a regional farmer in Suncheon belongs to Yoo Byeong-eun… 07-23 3650
357 TEXT 광주, 문화콘텐츠 전문인력 양성한다 Gwangju to Grow Professional Experts in Cultural Contents The city of Gwangju and the Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency will sponsor Computer Generated Image Academy Education… 07-23 3287
356 TEXT 광주전남 오늘도 폭염 Sweltering Heat Wave in Effect Today A Heat Wave warning has been issued in Gwangju, Gurye, Hwasun, Hampyeong and Naju today as the respective regions will see day time highs peaking well above 30 degrees Celsius for thr… 07-23 3647
355 TEXT 내일 팽목항서 희생자 추모 및 실종자 복귀 염원 행사 Memorial Event to be Held at Paengmok Harbor Tomorrow A memorial event wishing for the return of the missing passengers from the ill-fated ferry, Sewol and to mourn the deceased o… 07-23 3515
354 TEXT 곡성 기차마을, 여수 오동재 ‘관광의 별’ 선정 Gokseong Train Village and Yeosu Odongjae Voted One of ‘Korean Tourism Best 11’ Gokseong Train Village and Odongjae Hanok or Korean Traditional Housing style Hotel in Yeosu have be… 07-23 3165
353 TEXT 지난해 F1 경주장 운영, 경제효과 500억원 Operation of F1 Circuit Recorded 50 Billion Won worth of Economic Effect Last Year Jeollanamdo has announced that the operation of the Korea Formula 1 Circuit or the Korea International Circuit in… 07-23 3220
352 TEXT 강진 청자축제기간, 청자 특별할인 Gangjin-Made Celadon to be On sale During the Festival Period Gangjin Celadon Festival is set to take place from July 27th to August 3rd and Gangjin-produced celadon will be on special sale throughout t… 07-23 3488
351 TEXT 여수시, ‘시민과의 소통행정’ 힘쓴다 Yeosu to Work on Improving Communication with Citizens The city of Yeosu will publicly recruit ‘civil committee members’ to effectively reflect citizens’ opinions on different affairs in muni… 07-22 3165
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