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16194 TEXT 광주-전남도, 저소득층 위해 긴급생계자금 지원 Gwangju and S.Jeolla to support low income brackets suffering from COVID-19 Gwangju city and Jeonnam province decided to support with emergency livelihood funds for the lower income bracket. … 03-23 19
16193 TEXT 민주 광주 광산을 박시종"재경선은 무효"…재심 청구 Park SiJong(박시종) of GwangSan(광산) Eul(을) Constituency demands review Park SiJong(박시종) of the Gwangju GwangSan(광산) Eul(을) constituency of the Democratic Party has … 03-23 16
16192 TEXT 전남 구례 꽃 구경 부산60대 남녀 확진 Jeonnam Gurye(구례) County flower blossoms visitors include 2 infected people in their 60s from Busan A male and female couple in their 60s who visited Jeonnam Gurye(구례) County for the flower blossom… 03-23 19
16191 TEXT 코로나19위기 대응'광주 비상경제 대책 회의' 23일 출범 COVID19 crisis response; ‘Gwangju Emergency Economic Countermeasures Meeting’ to launch on Mar. 23rd A local emergency countermeasure institute was launched as of Mar… 03-23 29
16190 TEXT 광주·전남4·15총선 여야 대진표 확정 Gwangju Jeonnam region election schedule for the Apr. 15thGeneral Election confirmed The Apr. 15thGeneral Election schedule is confirmed for Gwangju Jeonnam region. Therefore, the Democratic Party can… 03-23 22
16189 TEXT 2020 광주인권상 수상자에 인도네시아 '벳조 운퉁' This year’s Gwangju Prize for Human Rights goes to Indonesian democracy activist This year’s Gwangju Human Rights Awardee was selected as Bedjo Untung, the Indonesian democra… 03-20 48
16188 TEXT 국내 확진자 87명 늘어 8,652명, 이탈리아 교민 570명 전세기 2대 귀국 COVID19 infected increased by 87 to total 8,652, 2 chartered planes to be dispatched for 570 Korean residents in Italy There were 87 more infected to total 8,652 … 03-20 43
16187 TEXT "유럽발 코로나19 유입 막는다"…22일부터 입국자 전원 진단검사 "Halt COVID19 influx from Europe", all entrants tested from Mar. 22nd All inbound traffic entering from European countries to Korea will be tested for COVID19 from Ma… 03-20 31
16186 TEXT 민생당·미래통합당 광주전남 총선 대진표 확정 Minsaeng(민생), United Future Parties confirmed to compete in Gwangju Jeonnam regions' General Election The Minsaeng(민생) Party confirmed a total of 35 constituencies including 8 in… 03-20 32
16185 TEXT 정의당, 전남 표심 잡기 본격화…10대 분야 지역공약 발표 Justice Party announces regional pledges in 10 fields to winvotes The Justice Party announced the Jeonnam 10 Pledges at the Jeonnam Province Council on Mar. 20th to begin the ac… 03-20 35
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