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20470 TEXT 광주 유증상 확진자 41.8%, 검사까지 3일 이상 지연 In Gwangju 41.8% of symptomatic patients wait over 3 days before tests Gwangju City is continuing to have regional transmission with cluster cases from different origins raising concerns … 11-17 13
20469 TEXT 전남도청소년,중국장시성과비대면국제교류 Jeonnam Province adolescents held non-contact international exchanges with China's JiangXi Sheng Jeonnam Province revealed on the 16th that there was a non-contact international exchange h… 11-17 12
20468 TEXT 국내체류외국인72%접종완료 72% of Foreigners residing within the country completed vaccination 72% of foreigners residing within the country have completed their vaccination so far. This was a maximum 68% increase within 3 months' time. … 11-17 24
20467 TEXT 광주시·전남도 상생과제 신규7건 등40건 논의 Gwangju, Jeonnam discuss 40 cases of Win-Win Tasks including 7 new ones Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province held a working-level discussion for 40 Joint Cooperative Tasks on the 16th. This… 11-17 11
20466 TEXT 목포서 중학생·교사 등16명 코로나19확진 Mokpo(목포) with 16 patients including middle school students and teachers Jeonnam’s Mokpo(목포) City revealed on the 16th that there were a total of 16 patients found in a single day. Mokpo(… 11-17 12
20465 TEXT 요양병원·종교·중학교 광주·전남 다중시설 감염 지속 Gwangju Jeonnam continuing with multipurpose facility transmission from nursing hospital, religious facilities, and middle schools The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing wi… 11-17 12
20464 TEXT 국내거주 외국인 주민 215만명…코로나19 여파로 3.2% 감소 Foreigner residents within the country account for 2.15 million, 3.2% drop due to COVID19 The number of foreign residents within the country was counted at 2.15 million people as… 11-16 20
20463 TEXT '광주형 평생주택' 추가공급 'Gwangju Type Lifelong Housing'with additional supplies The Gwangju Type Lifelong housing is being additionally supplied for youths, newlyweds, and citizens without homes within Gwangju City. T… 11-16 15
20462 TEXT 광주 11대 전략산업 이끌 'AI기술 아이디어' 6건 발굴 Gwangju found 6 'AI Technology Ideas' to lead 11 Strategic Industries Gwangju City found Artificial Intelligence Technology Ideas to lead the 11 strategic industries… 11-16 13
20461 TEXT 광주시 재난지원금 시의회 통과될까 Gwangju City with Disaster Relief Fund to pass through City Council Gwangju City is at the face of the City Council's review for the Disaster Relief Fund for next Seollal(설날) or Lunar New Year hol… 11-16 12
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