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1244 TEXT 광주시, 시내버스 불편해소 대책 추진 Gwangju to Work on Resolving Complaints Filed against Intra-city Buses The city of Gwangju will reportedly carry out a resolution campaign aimed at resolving complaints filed against local intra-cit… 11-14 4419
1243 TEXT 광주시 탄소은행제 평가, 남구 최우수 Namgu in Gwangju Marks the Highest Record in Carbon Bank System Namgu district in Gwangju marked the highest points this year in evaluation for the carbon bank and will receive financial incentives … 11-14 3819
1242 TEXT 국립나주박물관 개관 1주년 기념 특별전 Special 1 Year Anniversary Exhibition to be Held in Naju The National Naju Museum will host a special exhibition from November 22nd to January 18th to commemorate the first anniversary since its op… 11-14 3898
1241 TEXT 광주 무등산 첫 눈 관측 First Snow Falls in Gwangju on Mt. Mudeung This year’s first snow was observed in Gwangju on Mt. Mudeung and parts of the Suwan Residential Complex yesterday as temperatures fell below zero degrees Celsius near the … 11-14 4166
1240 TEXT 광주지역 수험생 문화생활 위한 공연 풍성 A Variety of Artistic and Cultural Performances for Test Takers to be Showcased in Gwangju A variety of culture and art programs will be held in Gwangju this weekend and at the end of this mon… 11-14 4273
1239 TEXT 전남도, 중국서 농수산식품 수출상담 실적 거둬 Jeollanamdo to Pen Export Counseling Deals in China Upon the passing of the South Korea – China Trade Agreement earlier this week, Jeollanamdo is currently customizing its marketing fo… 11-14 3952
1238 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장 일본 방문 GJ Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon to Visit Japan Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon will make a visit to Gwangju’s East Asian partnering city in Japan, the city of Yokohama, from November 16th to the 18th to attend the closing… 11-14 3910
1237 TEXT 보성갯벌, 가거도 도립공원 지정추진 Jeollanamdo to Work on Designating Boseong Mudflat and Gageodo as Provincial Parks The vast Boseong Beol-gyo mudflat and the Korean peninsula’s southwestern-most island of Gageodo in Shinan-gun dis… 11-14 3990
1236 TEXT 검찰, 세월호 선원 1심 선고 결과에 항소 Prosecutor to Appeal First Trial Sentence of Sewol Ferry Crew Members Prosecutors submitted a petition of appeal to the Gwangju District Court against the recently released first court ruling in … 11-14 3784
1235 TEXT 대학수학능력시험, 영어 쉬웠고 국어 어려웠다 CSAT English Question Set Found to be Easy with Korean Being the Hardest At the College Scholastic Ability Test held yesterday at more than 1,200 exam sites across the nation, the Englis… 11-14 4176
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