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344 TEXT 광주지역 아파트, ‘음식물 종량제’로 쓰레기 37% 줄여 Gwangju Apartment Complex Cuts Food Waste by 37 Percent with Volume-rate Disposal System Regional apartment complexes currently operating ‘volume-rate disposal systems for fo… 07-22 3472
343 TEXT 광주방문 외국인 의료관광객 13% 증가 Medical Tourists Visiting Gwangju Grow by 13 Percent The total number of medial tourists that visited Gwangju grew by 13 percent ii 2013 as compared with 2012. According to the city of Gwangju, the… 07-22 2977
342 TEXT 안산시, 진도군민에게 세월호 사고 도움 고마움, 장터로 보답 Ahnsan City Expresses Gratitude to Jindo Residents The city of Ahnsan hosted a fisheries market featuring fishery items raised and produced in Jindo to express gratitu… 07-22 3411
341 TEXT 광주 고려인마을 지원센터 설립 모금활동 Gwangju to Collect Donations for Construction of Goryeo-in Support Center A MOU signing ceremony that pledges support from various sectors to construct an integrative support center for Korean D… 07-22 3112
340 TEXT 광주-기아 챔피언스 필드 흥행 Gwangju-Kia Champions Field Gains Popularity Among Baseball Fans The home field of the Gwangju-based professional baseball team, the Kia Tigers, known as the Gwangju Kia Champion’s Field, which was opened t… 07-21 3272
339 TEXT 광주과학관 야외 물체험장 개장 Gwangju Science Museum to Open its Outdoor Water Experience Center Gwangju National Science Museum will operate an outdoor water experience program from July 23rd to August 31st. Located in the Cheomdan (… 07-21 4100
338 TEXT 비엔날레 청소년 교육 자료 개발 Gwangju Biennale Develops Educational Materials for Adolescents Gwangju Biennale Foundation has developed educational materials for students who are visiting the exhibition in groups. Customized educati… 07-21 2949
337 TEXT 진도, 세월호 참사 후 피해액 898억 달해 Damages in Jindo Island to Reach 89.8 Billion Won More than 90 days have passed since the Sewol Ferry accident in Jindo Island and damages in the region continue to grow as sales of fisheries goods… 07-21 3020
336 TEXT 하계휴가철, 코레일 임시열차 추가운행 KORAIL Runs Additional Trains for Summer Vacation Season Welcoming the summer vacation season, Korea Railroad Corporation and its Gwangju branch have announced that temporary train routes will be in… 07-21 3478
335 TEXT 헬기 추락사고 현장에 위령탑 세운다 Memorial Tower to be Erected at the Helicopter Crash Site in Gwangju A memorial tower in commemoration of the five firefighters, including the pilot and co-pilot of the helicopter recently crashed in… 07-21 3424
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