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1525 TEXT 고흥군, 내년 우주항공 11개사업에 4,000여억원 투입 Goheung to Invest some 400 Billion Won in 11 Space Projects Next Year Goheung-gun district will reportedly invest some 400 billion won in a total of 11 national space projects throu… 12-22 2871
1524 TEXT 전라남도-중국 동북지역 상호 협력 강화된다 Mutual Cooperation between Jeollanamdo and Northeastern China to be Reinforced Jeollanamdo and Jilin Province in China will expand exchanges between the two regions in the upcoming years. … 12-22 2688
1523 TEXT 문재인 의원, 오늘 1박 2일 일정으로 전남 방문 Rep. Moon Jae-in to Visit Jeollanamdo for Two days from Today Representative Moon Jae-in, from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, will make a visit to Jeollanamdo fo… 12-22 3013
1522 TEXT 광주전남 ‘송년-새해맞이’ 행사 풍성 Various ‘Year-end and New Year’ Events to be Held in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Various year-end and New Year commemorative events are set to take place across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. The cit… 12-22 2802
1521 TEXT 전남도, 올농특산물 매출 146억원 Jeollanamdo to Record Sales of Faring Goods in the Province of Up to 14.6 Billion won Jeollanamdo recorded 14.6 billion won worth of sales from selling regionally grown farming and fisheries goods through … 12-22 2873
1520 TEXT 광주시, 군공항 이전 해외사례 조사한다 Gwangju to Investigate Overseas Examples of Relocation of Military Airports The city of Gwangju has recently begun researching overseas examples of the relocation of military airports in various c… 12-22 2743
1519 TEXT 치매 국책연구단 광주센터 오늘 개소 National Alzheimer Research Center Opens Up its Gwangju Branch A national Alzheimer Research Center aimed at studying and researching for the effective prevention and management of Alzheimer and Deme… 12-22 2915
1518 TEXT 광주전남 최고 13cm 눈, 대설주의보는 해제 Heavy Snowfall Recorded in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Heavy snow showers fell across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo with a total accumulated snow in Mokpo at 13 centimeters, 10 centimeters in Hampyeong an… 12-22 2703
1517 TEXT 광주 외국인인력지원센터 개소 Gwangju Foreign Labor Support Center Opens its Doors The Foreign Labor Support Center opened its doors in Gwangju to support local foreign workers through various administrative and educational programs today… 12-19 2944
1516 TEXT 광주시, 겨울방학 과학체험교실 개최 Gwangju to Operate Scientific Experience Class for the Winter Vacation The Gwangju Public Health and Environment Research Institute will operate a ‘Children Scientific Experience Class’ targeting… 12-19 2862
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