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15399 TEXT 타다 금지법'국회 국토교통위 전체회의 통과 Revision bill forbidding ‘Tada’ business passed at parliamentary committee. The South Korean ride-hailing service operator, Tada, will no longer be legal in the nation as a revision bi… 12-06 15
15398 TEXT 檢, '김기현 첩보'전달 송병기 집무실·자택·차 압수수색 Prosecution raids Vice Mayor’s Office at Ulsan over election-interfering probe The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office undertook a search at the Ulsan Vice Mayor… 12-06 12
15397 TEXT 유·스퀘어 금연 터미널 환경 조성 가시화 U-Square Center’s non-smoking building project is materialized U-Square’s Culture Center revealed on Thursday that since 2012, when the National Health Promotion Act began, not only in Gwangju … 12-06 11
15396 TEXT 광주·전남50개사·30명,수출의 탑·유공자 포상 Gwangju and Jeonnam enterprises and officials receive prizes at Trade Day Ceremony. Over 50 enterprises and 30 officials from the City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Province received awards on … 12-06 13
15395 TEXT 9일5·18기념문화센터에서 세계인권선언71주년 행사 The anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be held in Gwangju. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea’s Gwangju Office will hold the 71stanniversary of the… 12-06 21
15394 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장,광역단체장 첫'목민상'수상 Gwangju Mayor receives the ‘Mok Min’ Award The City of Gwangju’s Mayor Lee Yong Sup (이용섭) received the ‘Mok Min Prize’ on Thursday at the ‘2019 Mok Min Award Ceremony… 12-06 11
15393 TEXT 기영옥 광주FC단장 사의표명 General Manager of Gwangju FC Ki Yeong Ok steps down after the team promoted to 1stDivision. The General Manager of Gwangju FC Ki Yeong Ok (기영옥) announced his resignation at a press meeting on Wednesday. Ki… 12-05 16
15392 TEXT 목포해상케이블카,야간탑승 최대4천원 특별할인 Tickets for Mokpo Marine Cable Car will be discounted for winter nights. A special discount event for the Mokpo Marine Cable Car will continue until the last day of next February according … 12-05 50
15391 TEXT "무차별 사격" 5·18보안사 문서2321건'세상 밖으로' 2,000 forms of documentation related to May 18thMovement revealed to the public. The Daeahnshin (대안신) Party Governor Choi Gyeong Hwan (최경환) held a press conference … 12-05 18
15390 TEXT 무등경기장 내년3월 리모델링 Gwangju’s Mudeung Stadium will be remodeled. The City of Gwangju confirmed the remodeling business plan for Mudeung Stadium on Thursday and it is scheduled to launch construction from March next year. Accordi… 12-05 16
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