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17683 TEXT 해경, 흑산해역 화재 어선 선원 13명 모두 구조…3명 화상(종합) Coast guards rescue all 13 sailors from burning ship around Heuksan(흑산) area There was a fire om the 86 ton 2017 International Ship while at sea, 26km from Sh… 10-06 21
17682 TEXT 광주시, 인공지능 시제품 제작 67개 기업 선정·지원 Gwangju City selects 67 AI related corporations for support Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 5th that there were 67 AI related production corporations selected for support. … 10-06 27
17681 TEXT 광주 공공기관 채용 방식 변경…필기 50% 이상·면접위원 확대 Gwangju Public Institutions recruitment styles changed Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 5th that there will be a change in the public institutions' employees over… 10-06 39
17680 TEXT 광주 기초·광역 행정구역 재편 논의 병행…'험난한 여정' 시작 Gwangju City discussing reorganizing administrative districts for the primary and metropolitan areas Gwangju City is reorganizing administrative districts… 10-06 21
17679 TEXT 추석 연휴 타지역 확진자 접촉, 광주 7명 자가격리, 2명 음성 Contact with other regions' infected cases during Chuseok(추석) period, Gwangju with 7 self-quarantined, 2 tested negative Gwangju City had 7 residents… 10-06 17
17678 TEXT 추석연휴 서남해 뱃길 이용객 12만명, 지난해 73% 수준 Southwest sea routes used by 120,000 people during Chuseok (추석), 73% of last year's With the advice from the government to avoid visiting hometowns during the Chuseok(… 10-06 17
17677 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,164, 총 73명 추가, 확진자 100명 이하 5일째, 소아 다기관염증증후근 환자 2명 첫 확인 COVID 19 daily infections add 73 to total 24,164, new virus cases under 100 for 5th day, children's MIS cas… 10-06 13
17676 TEXT 추석 연휴 지역감염 0명…광주시 거리두기 조치 완화 Zero local infections during the Chuseok holiday...Gwangju to Alleviate Social Distancing Level With no local infections reported in Gwangju during the Chuse… 10-06 19
17675 TEXT 13일부터 마스크 의무화…안 쓰면 '10만 원' 과태료광주·전남, 마스크 미착용 17건 형사입건 17 people arrested for assaulting bus driver demanding face mask use Starting in May, the government tighte… 10-06 51
17674 TEXT 전두환'5·18결심공판'서 징역1년6개월 구형 Prosecutors ask for one and a half year prison term for Chun Doo-hwan Prosecutors have demanded a prison term for Chun Doo-hwan, who was put on trial for defaming the late Father Cho C… 10-05 28
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