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17237 TEXT 정부, 총파업예고 의협에'협의체' 거듭 제안…"현안 논의하자" Govt. to suggest 'consultative body' to be formed to the Medical Association The medical fields have threatened an overall strike against the governm… 08-05 38
17236 TEXT 역대 최장수준 장마, 소양강댐 3년만에 수문개방 Downpours continue to grip S. Korea, key dam opens floodgates Damage from the heavy rain that has pounded South Korea's metropolitan and central regions continued to increase on Aug. 5… 08-05 41
17235 TEXT Remains found at former Gwangju prison likely unrelated to May 18 uprising 광주시, "옛 광주교도소 발굴 유골 분석 완료…5·18 연관성 발견 못해" Part of the remains found at the old Gwangju Prison site were completed for the analy… 08-05 40
17234 TEXT 태풍 하구핏이 남긴 저기압 영향…광주·전남 다시 비 시작 Typhoon 'Hagupit'(하구핏) left low pressure to initiate rain again in Gwangju Jeonnam region The 4th typhoon 'Hagupit(하구핏)' was diminished in the … 08-05 46
17233 TEXT 인천 확진자 다녀간 구례 숙소 종사자 5명 모두 '음성'(종합) 5 Gurye(구례) accomodation employees all test negative The Incheon(인천) Yeonsugu(연수구) region's 58th patient visited an accommodation located in Je… 08-05 37
17232 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 발굴 유골 262구 중47구 DNA 확인 OId Gwangju Prison site extracted remains of 262,DNAanalysis completed for47 There were 47 out of 262 unidentified remains found at the old Gwangju Prison site of which are completed for DNA … 08-05 47
17231 TEXT ‘스쿨존 불법주정차 주민신고제’ 첫날 광주 22건 접수 'School Zone Illegal Parking Residents Reporting System', 22 cases reported on the first day There were 22 reported cases of 'Illegal Parking in Sc… 08-05 96
17230 TEXT 광주 올해 첫 열대야 Gwangju experiences first tropical night of this year Gwangju witnessed the first tropical night of the year last night. Our JongMin Kim reports Monday night’s lowest temperature was recorded at 25 degrees Celsius accordin… 08-04 45
17229 TEXT 월드뮤직페스티벌, 아시아문화전당서 이달 하순 열려 World Music Festival held at ACC at the end of this month The '2020 ACC World Music Festival' is to be held for 4 days between Aug. 21st and 22nd, 28th and 29th. This i… 08-04 188
17228 TEXT 광주전남 7월 소비자물가 '소폭상승' Gwangju Jeonnam July Consumer Price increased slightly Last month's Gwangju Jeonnam region's Consumer Price increased slightly. This is according to the July Consumer Price Trends… 08-04 41
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