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17227 TEXT 광주시·자치구, 코로나19 예방 수칙 준수 범시민 캠페인 Gwangju City and municipalities operating all-citizen campaign to keep the COVID 19 preventive measures Gwangju City and 5 municipalities have begun an all-citizen campaign to ur… 08-04 46
17226 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 발굴 유골 100여구 분석 완료 100 remains excavated from old Gwangju Prison site analyzed 100 out of 262 remains discovered from the old Gwangju Prison site have had their analysis completed. According to the May 18th Comm… 08-04 47
17225 TEXT 폭염, 잦은 태풍에 최장 장마까지…최근 3년 날씨는 극단 양상 Heat waves, frequent typhoons, and longest monsoon period; the last 3 years' extreme weather South Korea's recent 3 years in terms of the weather have been r… 08-04 44
17224 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총14,423, 총 34명 추가, 렘데시비르 투여 106명 중 4명 '이상반응' Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,423, increased by 34, 4 pct of remdesivir-administered patients in Korea show abnormal response D… 08-04 44
17223 TEXT 4호 태풍 '하구핏' 북상…전남 '강한 바람·높은 물결' 주의 4th Typhoon, 'Hagupit(하구핏)' arriving, Jeonnam region expecting strong wind and high tides There are heavy winds and high tides expected with… 08-04 53
17222 TEXT 광주·대구 작가들 작품을 한 눈에...광주시립미술관 달빛동맹 교류전 Gwangju-Daegu(대구) art pieces exhibited at Gwangju Museum of Art The exhibitions of the Gwangju Museum of Art are resumed from Aug. 4th. This is with the r… 08-04 45
17221 TEXT 광주서 올 들어 첫 열대야 발생 Gwangju has first tropical night this year The first tropical night was observed in Gwangju for this year. This is according to the Gwangju Office of Meteorology on Aug. 3rd. The lowest temperature from 6pm fr… 08-04 50
17220 TEXT 광주 사회적 거리 두기 1단계 완화 첫날 다시 확진자 발생 Gwangju Social Distancing Measures to level 1 with infection appearance There was an additional infection case of COVID 19 virus on the first day of Social Distancing Measures … 08-04 48
17219 TEXT 광주시, 폭염·태풍 피해 예방 대책 추진 Gwangju City to promote Heat Wave and Typhoon Damage PreventiveCountermeasures Gwangju City is mobilizing its full efforts to prevent damage from heat waves and typhoons in Aug. This is especially… 08-03 55
17218 TEXT 광주 코로나 2차유행 '선제적 방역·시민의식'이 큰 불 껐다 Gwangju COVID 19 2nd pandemic, 'preventive measures and civil awareness to slow down the spread Gwangju had a dramatic increase in the infection rates of the CO… 08-03 59
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