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13395 TEXT 8am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will meet early summer heat today under partly cloudy skies. Thanks to active air movement, the dust levels will remain in normal ranges. Temperatures will reach up to mid … 05-14 17
13394 TEXT 버스 노사 협상 광주는'먹구름',전남은'구름 사이 햇빛' Gwangju-Jeonnam bus drivers set to walkout The Federation of Korean Trade Unions’ National Automobile Association Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Regional Bus Groups… 05-14 20
13393 TEXT 5천400명 실은 국제 크루즈선, 여수 온다 Cruise vessel to deliver tourists to Yeosu A 145,000-ton sized international cruise vessel, Majestic Princess, will be docking in Yeosu on Tuesday. According to Jeollanamdo on Monday, a cruise that… 05-14 15
13392 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will meet early summer days throughout this week with some rain in the forecast for later in the week. Tomorrow, the region will be under partly cloudy skies. Thanks to a… 05-13 18
13391 TEXT 세계수영대회 여수 오픈워터수영 경기장 현장점검 FINA Championships O.C. inspects Open Water event venue The 2019 Gwangju FINA World Aquatics Championship Organizing Committee on Monday visited Yeosu to check on preparations for the o… 05-13 19
13390 TEXT 류현진, 7⅓이닝 노히트…8이닝 무실점 1피안타 '5승' Dodgers' Ryu Hyun Jin earns 5th win Los Angeles Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin grabbed his fifth win of the season against the Washington Nationals. The left-hander delivere… 05-13 15
13389 TEXT 광주시, 제39주년 5·18 기념식 수송 버스 운영 Gwangju to provide shuttle buses for May 18 Memorial Ceremony The City of Gwangju said Monday that shuttle buses will be provided for attendees to the national memorial for the May 18 Democrati… 05-13 20
13388 TEXT 호남고속철 2단계 건설 본격화…올해 노반설계·2020년 착공 2nd level Honam Express Railway construction project to launch soon Muan County said Monday that the Korea Rail Network Authority will begin planning for the 2nd level Honam … 05-13 15
13387 TEXT ‘택시운전사’ 주인공 김사복ㆍ힌츠페터 39년만의 재회 불발 Two real-life heroes of movie ‘Taxi driver’ may not be reunited The late Jürgen Hinzpeter, a German reporter, and late Kim Sa-bok, a taxi driver, were set to be reuni… 05-13 25
13386 TEXT 전 미군 정보요원 5.18 증언 기자회견 Then intelligence agent during the May 18th gives testimonies A U.S. military intelligence agent on Monday made testimonies regarding the May 18 Democratic Uprising. Hyungjin Ro has details. Kim Yo… 05-13 15
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