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17673 TEXT 광주 도심 원룸 건물서 화재…1명 사망·3명 부상 Fire at apartment leaves 1 dead, 3 injured A fire broke out in a studio apartment in Gwangju, leaving one person dead and three others injured. The accident occurred at 8:29 a.m., on t… 10-05 26
17672 TEXT '코로나 첫 명절' 광주 귀성객22% 성묘객도 65% 감소 Gwangju celebrated Chuseok without major accidents The City of Gwangju had a relatively peaceful holiday without major accidents during this year’s Chuseok. According to … 10-05 28
17671 TEXT 추석 연휴 지역감염 0명…광주시 거리두기 조치 완화 With no local infections reported in Gwangju during the Chuseok holiday, Gwangju City has decided to extend the second phase of social distancing, while easing the collective ban. … 10-05 26
17670 TEXT 광주·전남, 마스크 미착용 17건 형사입건 Starting in May, the government tightened rules by mandating face masks on all buses, taxis, and subways, and allowing drivers to refuse passengers without masks. However, while the pandemic shows… 10-05 32
17669 TEXT 광주시청 주차장 내년부터 유료화…공짜 장기 주차 못한다 Gwangju City Hall parking lot no longer free from next year Gwangju City Hall's parking lot will no longer be free from next year. This is according to Gwangju City on… 10-03 68
17668 TEXT 전남도, 호우피해 복구 특별교부세 808억원 확보 Jeonnam Province secured 80.8 billion won for heavy rainfall damage restoration from special issuance tax Jeonnam Province revealed on Oct. 2nd that there were 80.8 billion won secured for t… 10-03 61
17667 TEXT 코로나19 위기 속 첫 명절, 추석 풍속도 확 바꿨다 First national holidays amidst COVID19, many changes witnessed There were many changes witnessed during this Chuseok(추석) holiday amidst the ongoing COVID 19 transmission across the count… 10-03 65
17666 TEXT 고속도로 교통상황] 오후 귀성길 대체로 원활… 일부 구간 정체 Expressways to return back to Seoul(서울) generally easygoing, some sections congested On the 3rd day of the Chuseok(추석) holidays, the returning routes have initiat… 10-03 60
17665 TEXT "국책은행도 외면" 은행 대출 수도권 쏠림 심각, 광주 전남 고작 1-2% Bank loans centered on the capital area, Gwangju Jeonnam region only 1-2% Loans granted from banks are found to be centered on the capital areas in an increasing … 10-02 67
17664 TEXT [고속도로 교통상황] 귀경행렬 본격화, 오후 4~5시 정체 극심 Returning back to daily lives, traffic congested on expressways, most severe at 4-5 pm Meeting the 3rd day of the Chuseok(추석) holidays, the traffic congestion has begun a… 10-02 68
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