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16114 TEXT 광주지검 공판부12일까지 폐쇄 Gwangju District Court’s trial division closed until Mar. 12th Some offices of the Gwangju District Court’s prosecutors’ office have closed due to a worker’s itinerary overlapping with the 14th patient of … 03-12 46
16113 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 발굴 유골261구 추정 Old Gwangju Prison remains estimated to be from 261 people The National Forensic Service, orNFS, revealed that there were a total of 261 people's remains discovered at the old Gwangju prison site. Ac… 03-12 50
16112 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총7,755명,구로 집단 감염으로 신규 확진자 오름세 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 7,755, increased rate of new infections due to Guro(구로) group infection As of Mar. 11th, there are 242 added confirme… 03-11 64
16111 TEXT 5·18 40주년 기념일 '지자체 임시 공휴일' 지정 추진 May 18th could be a temporary holiday for Gwangju only There are discussions ongoing to designate this year’s May 18th as the public holiday within Gwangju region. Our Hyung… 03-11 60
16110 TEXT 구로 콜센터 장기간 감염 노출된 듯 Guro(구로) Call-center employees estimated to be exposed to infection over long term It is verified that some of the Guro(구로) district's call-center employees have been showing COVID19 sympt… 03-11 49
16109 TEXT 광주서 사흘째 추가 확진 無 No confirmation within Gwangju for 3 consecutive days There were no additional virus confirmations reported within the Gwangju region for 3 consecutive days. Also, 4 discharged patients who were Shincheonji-re… 03-11 54
16108 TEXT 퇴원 대구 확진가족(종합) Family of patients from Daegu(대구) discharged Gwangju city revealed on Mar. 11th that 4 family members who were transferred from the Daegu(대구) region were discharged after 8 days of treatment while admitted to ho… 03-11 56
16107 TEXT 빛고을 콜센터에 긴급 방역 Emergency disinfection measures at Bitgoeul(빛고을) Call-centers With the group infection erupting in the Seoul Guro(구로) call-center,regional call-centers disinfection measures are being reinforced. Gwang… 03-11 52
16106 TEXT 약국 '마스크 5부제' 전산장애 잇따라 Pharmacies experiencing computational errors for 'mask 5-day rotation system' Mar. 11th marks the 3rd day since the 5-day rotation system for mask sales was initiated. However, ther… 03-11 52
16105 TEXT 코로나19사태로‘긴급 돌봄 참여자’급증 ‘Emergency Care Participants’ dramatically increased amid COVID19 situation Gwangju Office of Education revealed that the ‘emergency care service’participants have increased dramatically. This… 03-11 48
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