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17707 TEXT 여수서 2021 도시환경협약 정상회의 열려… 2021 Urban Environmental Accords Summit to open in Yeosu(여수) Yeosu(여수) City is one step closer to holding the COP28 or the Conference of Parties 28 of the UN. This is as Yeosu(여수)… 10-09 13
17706 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,422, 확진자 다시 100명 이하로, COVID 19 daily infections total 24,422, virus cases fall back to double digits South Korea's daily new infections rose by double digits today, while the country is still wo… 10-09 9
17705 TEXT 광주·전남 지식재산 역량 100점 중 26점…전국 최하위권 Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency 26 out of 100, the lowest in the country Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency had been me… 10-08 33
17704 TEXT 광주서 중학생 납치·감금 의심 신고…모텔에서 홀로 발견(종합) Gwangju middle school student kidnapped reported to be found in a motel There was a report that a middle school student was suspected to be kidnapped by someone. … 10-08 23
17703 TEXT 광주 지산유원지 개발 난항…법원 "광주시, 사업자 지정 무효" Gwangju Jisan(지산) Amusement Park development in trouble Gwangju Jisan(지산) Amusement Park's development project is experiencing difficulties. … 10-08 19
17702 TEXT "5·18 암매장지 좌표로 그려 보고했다" 계엄군 진술 확보 "May 18th burial site coordinates were reported", Martial Military testimony acquired There were some testimonies from a martial military member from the time of M… 10-08 20
17701 TEXT 전남대병원, 코로나19 임신부 분만 수술…아기 1차 '음성' Chonnam(전남) University Hospital performs delivery surgery for a COVID 19 infected pregnant woman Chonnam(전남) University Hospital successfully conducted de… 10-08 23
17700 TEXT '학대' 아동 발견율 1천명당 3.81명…전남 1위·광주 하위권 Child abuse discovery rate at 3.81 out of 1,000, Jeonnam ranked first and Gwangju in lower range With continuing child abuse and neglect cases being discovered, … 10-08 23
17699 TEXT "전면등교 이뤄지나" 광주 초·중·고 등교 방식 11일 결정(종합) Gwangju Elementary, Middle and High Schools class methods to be decided on Oct. 11th Gwangju City and the Office of Education will decide on the kindergartens, e… 10-08 24
17698 TEXT "1단계냐, 2단계 유지냐" 광주·전남 코로나19 분수령(종합) Gwangju and Jeonnam regions to decide whether to keep the 2nd level or relax to the 1st level of social distancing The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are at a decisive momen… 10-08 20
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