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1726 TEXT 빛가람도시에서 클래식 여행 Classic Concert to be Held in Bitgaram City A classical music concert for residents and employees of the public organizations recently moved to Bitgaram city in Naju will be held on Wednesday, January 21st from… 01-19 2241
1725 TEXT 목포 무장 탈영병사 사흘째 행방 묘연 Armed Soldier Who Escaped from Unit Remains Missing After Three Days A young army private, armed with a K2 submachine gun, deserted from his unit early Friday morning in Mokpo and remains missing, r… 01-19 2450
1724 TEXT 광주전남 비소식, 추위는 없을 듯 Rain Showers in Store with No Major Cold Snap A band of rain showers are forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo starting as early as tomorrow, but no major cold spell is predicted throughout this week. … 01-19 2480
1723 TEXT ‘518 폭도’, 35년만에 오명 벗었다 Democratic Activist from the May 18th Claims Innocence A former democratic activist who was sentenced to three years in prison for possessing guns and bullets during the 1980 May 18th Democratization M… 01-19 2270
1722 TEXT 순천만정원 국가정원 꾸미기 본격화 Municipal Policies for Designating Suncheon Bay Garden as a National Garden to be Set Up A series of municipal policies and departments will be set up in Suncheon City Hall for designating Suncheon … 01-16 2492
1721 TEXT 겨울철 수산물 위생 안전 강화한다 Safety Inspection for Winter Season Seafood to be Strengthened Jeollanamdo Public Health and Environment Research Institute will carry out a safety inspection until the end of February on fisheries item… 01-16 2399
1720 TEXT 전통문화관, 상반기 토요상설공연 출연작 18개 선정 Traditional Culture Center to Select 18 Saturday Permanent Concert Programs Traditional Culture Center in Gwangju, located near Mt. Mudeung, recently finalized a total of 18 perma… 01-16 2417
1719 TEXT 광주시, “KTX 광주역 진입 꼭 필요하다” Gwangju to Raise Voice on the Need for Inclusion of KTX Gwangju Station The city of Gwangju has voiced its opinion over the need to include Gwangju station in the Honam KTX route and requested t… 01-16 2503
1718 TEXT 전남교육청 자유학기제 177개 중학교로 확대 Jeollanamdo Office of Education to Expand Free Semester System to 177 Middle Schools Jeollanamdo Office of Education will expand the free semester system, which allows students to choose the… 01-16 2587
1717 TEXT 공재 윤두서 특별전 관람객 10만돌파 Visitors to the Gongjae Yoon Du-seo Special Exhibition Surpass 100,000 A special exhibition at the national Gwangju Museum, ‘Gongjae Yoon Du-seo’, will finished on January 18th, this Sunday. T… 01-16 2558
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