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1885 TEXT 광주은행, 전산센터 이전 위해 설 연휴 업무 중단 Gwangju Bank to Temporarily Halt Operation on Seollal Holidays for Relocation of Computer Center Gwangju Bank will temporarily halt operation of its computer center during the upcomi… 02-06 2811
1884 TEXT 광주시, 전남도 부패방지 시책 평가 ‘우수’ Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Receive ‘Excellent’ Mark on Anti-corruption Policies The city of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo received an ‘excellent’ mark in a national Anti-corruption policy e… 02-06 2626
1883 TEXT 518 동참 호소했던 박영순 씨 재심 청구 Democratic Activist Park Yeong-soon Requests Retrial on Charges for Organizing a Rebellion Park Yeong-soon, who participated in the May 18th Democratization Movement in May, 1980, recently filed a … 02-06 2618
1882 TEXT 광주 봉선동 옹벽 붕괴, 비슷한 곳 광주에 50군데 있다 Collapse of Retaining Wall in Boseong-dong Leads to Discovery of 50 Similar Spots in Gwangju A retaining wall 200 meters wide and 15 meters tall collapsed in an apartment compl… 02-06 2786
1881 TEXT 송정역 – 혁신 도시 직행버스 5월부터 운행 Direct Inter-city Bus Linking Songjeong Station and Bitgaram City to Begin Operation from May An intercity bus linking Gwangju Songjeong station and Gwangju and Jeonam Joint Innovation city … 02-06 2770
1880 TEXT 이낙연 전남지사, 내년도 국비 확보 시동 Jeollanamdo Governor Lee Nak-yeon Takes First Step to Secure National Expenditure for Next Year Jeollanamdo governor Lee Nak-yeon has reportedly taken the first steps aimed at securing national … 02-06 2636
1879 TEXT 광주시, 수소자동차 허브도시 추진위 구성 Gwangju to Launch Hydrogen Automobile Hub City Committee The city of Gwangju has recently launched a ‘Hydrogen Automobile Hub City Committee’ that will specialize in researching hydrogen au… 02-06 2576
1878 TEXT U대회 앞두고 광주시 도로 일제 정비한다 Gwangju to Refurbish Major Roads before the Universiade The city of Gwangju and its Construction and Management Headquarter will carry out major road maintenance and refurbishment projects worth … 02-06 2707
1877 TEXT 광주 U대회 대표단 위한 VIP 통역 요원 모집 VIP or Delegation Volunteer Interpreters for the Gwangju Universiade The organizing committee for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will recruit volunteers to be in charge of interpretation… 02-06 2592
1876 TEXT 광주전남 대학 신입생 등록률 89% Enrollment Rate in Local Universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Mark 89 Percent The enrollment rate in regional universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo marked 89 percent for the 2015 academic year. A… 02-05 2532
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