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236 TEXT 광주전남 건설노조 22일 총파업 예고 Unionized Construction Workers Warn General Strike for July 22nd Unionized laborers in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo and its Korean Federation of Construction Unions have announced a general walkout for Jul… 07-08 3643
235 TEXT 야생 진드기 감염환자, 전남서도 올들어 첫 발생 This Year’s First Death by SFTS Confirmed in Jeollanamdo The first confirmed case of a patient infected with SFTS, or thrombocytopenia syndrome, otherwise known as tick-borne virus, t… 07-07 3629
234 TEXT 윤장현 시장 ‘더불어 사는 광주’ 위한 대화 시작 GJ Mayor Yoon Begins Communication with Public Officials in the City for Improved City Administration Mayor of Gwangju, Mr. Yoon Jang-hyun, began communication with the public offici… 07-07 3447
233 TEXT 2014 순천만 습지체험 개최 2014 Suncheon Bay Wetland Experience Program to be Hosted The city of Suncheon has announced it will host the ‘2014 Suncheon Bay Wetland Experience Event’ from today through this Sunday at the local Internationa… 07-07 4921
232 TEXT 영광군, 해외 관광객 유치박차 Yeongwang to Attract Foreign Tourists to the Region Yeongwang-gun district recently hosted a regional tourist attraction travel guide program targeting travel agents from Russia in order to introduce major tou… 07-07 3702
231 TEXT 장성에 도보여행길 조성 Hiking Path to be Constructed in Jangseong A hiking path featuring scenic roads and an observatory will be constructed in Jangseong this year. With an investment of 2.4 billion won, the Jangseong-gun district ha… 07-07 3655
230 TEXT 전남 농업 한-중 FTA 위기감 고조 Korea – China FTA Grows Concerns Among Farmers in Jeollanamdo Amidst escalating fears over the collapse of the regional farming industry due to the drastic fall in prices of farming goods grown in Jeollan… 07-07 4309
229 TEXT 여성 고용률 높아졌지만 임시직 비율은 남성 2배 Temporary Positions Taken By Women Double That of Men The number of temporary positions taken by female workers was double the figure for men, raising concerns of a relatively less compe… 07-07 3762
228 TEXT 국제도시학 포럼, 전남대서 개막 International Forum on Urbanism Kicks Off at CNU The 2014 International Forum on Urbanism and its summer school semester kicked off at Jeonam National University on July 5th with the participation of profes… 07-07 3787
227 TEXT 전남 바다양식어장 6,000여 ha 개발된다 Fishery Farms in Jeollanamdo to be Further Developed Fishery farming regions in the coastal areas of Jeollanamdo will be expanded by 6,000 hectares this year to meet the growing demand for Jeollanamd… 07-07 3724
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