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897 TEXT 광주전남 농민회 ‘쌀관세화 WTO 통보’ 항의 Local Farmers Condemn the Government’s Unilateral Decision for Liberalization of Domestic Rice Market Farmers’ groups in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo condemned the recent governmental decisi… 10-01 2238
896 TEXT 광주 미디어아트, 파리 유네스코 본부서 전시 Gwangju’s Media Art to be Displayed at UNESCO Headquarter in Paris Works of media artsts based in Gwangju will be showcased at the Paris UNESCO headquartesr from October 7th to the 9th. … 10-01 2419
895 TEXT 광주시, 도심속 전원 마을 건설사업 시동 Gwangju to Build Rural Village inside Urban Town Throughout this year, the city of Gwangju will begin one of its focal projects under the leadership of Yoon Jang-hyeon, the ‘Construction of Co… 10-01 2179
894 TEXT 아시아 작가들이 바라본 광주의 모습전 Asia Art Gwangju Exhibition through the Eyes of Asian Artists An Asia Art exhibition showcasing artworks themed after Gwangju which have been submitted by Asian artists will be held from October 4… 09-30 2211
893 TEXT 영암 삼포 ‘자동차 튜닝밸리’ 조성 본격화 Automobile Tuning Valley to be Constructed in Yeongam Sampo Jeollanamdo and Yeongam-gun district will cooperate in constructing an Automobile Tuning Valley near the Korea International Circui… 09-30 2349
892 TEXT 내일부터 ‘순천만 정원 힐링 프로그램’ 운영 ‘Suncheon Bay Garden’ Themed Healing Program to be Operated The city of Suncheon will operate various tour programs themed after Suncheon Bay and its natural heritages in the garden are… 09-30 2593
891 TEXT 여수-순천-광양 시내버스 버스 무료 환승 추진 Free Transfer for Intra-city Bus in Yeosu-Suncheon-Gwangyang The city of Suncheon, Yeosu and Gwangyang will adopt a Free Transfer System for its intra-city bus routes. According to Jeoll… 09-30 2396
890 TEXT 남도해양관광열차 개통 1주년 Namdo Maritime Tourism Train Celebrates 1st Anniversary Namdo Maritime Tourism Train, or S-train, is celebrating its first anniversary since its establishment last year. According to the Korea Railroad Corpo… 09-30 2275
889 TEXT 광주-샌안토니오 조형물 선물 주고 받는다 Gwangju and San Antonio Exchanges Gifts The city of San Antonio in Texas, a sister city with Gwangju, will reportedly construct a memorial in Gwangju in return for Gwangju’s gift in 2010, a K… 09-30 2298
888 TEXT 광주세계 김치축제 10월 4일 개막 Gwangju World Kimchi Festival to Kick off On October 4th One of Gwangju’s most famous cultural festivals, the Gwangju World Kimchi Festival will be held at Jungoe Park from October 4th to the 8th. Celeb… 09-30 2477
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