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1994 TEXT 빛가람 도시 산업단지 개발 본격적 추진 Development of the Industrial Complex in Bitgaram City to be Pushed Ahead The industrial complex located in Bitgaram City will be under development to transform the city and its industrial infrastru… 02-20 2274
1993 TEXT 설 연휴기간 의료기관 약국 비상 운영 Medical Organizations to Offer Emergency Service for the Seollal Holidays Public health centers along with private medical service providers at hospitals and pharmacies will take turns over the Seol… 02-20 2338
1992 TEXT 설 명절 기간, 여성 긴급 전화 이용 급증 Usage of Emergency Phone Numbers for Women Increases Drastically over the Seollal Holidays The total usage of emergency phone numbers for the female population in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo increase… 02-20 2596
1991 TEXT 광주전남 국회의원, 연휴 동안 지역구 민심잡기 Lawmakers Representing Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Visit the Region for the Seollal Holidays Prior to the April 29th by-election this year and the Regional Election set for next year, lawma… 02-20 2297
1990 TEXT 전남 지역, 동계 전지 훈련지로 ‘각광’ Jeollanamdo Gains Popularity as a Winter Training Spot Jeollanamdo continues to gain popularity as a destination for winter season training with a surge of athletes from nationwide professional, … 02-20 2320
1989 TEXT 양 관련 지명, 전남 지역이 전국 최다 Jeollanamdo has the Most Sheep Related Names The year 2015 celebrates the year of the wooden sheep on the Chinese zodiac calendar and nationwide municipalities recently conducted an analysis on the n… 02-20 2256
1988 TEXT 광주~서울 귀경길 오후 들어 정체 시작될 듯 Holiday Travelers to Make their Way Back Home The millions of Koreans who visited their hometowns will make their way back to their homes on the last day of the three-day Seollal or lunar New… 02-20 2348
1987 TEXT 나주시, 설 연휴기간 영산강 황포 돛배 매일 운항한다 Naju to Operate Hwangpo Sail Boat during the Seollal Holidays at Yeongsan River The city of Naju will operate a Hwangpo Sailboat during the Seollal holidays set for this Sunday,… 02-20 2644
1986 TEXT 영광군, 고속 전기자동차 50대 민간 보급한다 Yeongwang-gun District to Distribute 50 High-speed Electric Cars to Citizens Yeongwang-gun district will distribute a total of 50 high-speed electric car for use by residents. Applications… 02-20 2011
1985 TEXT 설 명절에도 세월호 가족은 팽목항 지킨다 Bereaved Families of the Sewol Ferry Disaster to Stay in Paengmok Harbor for the Seollal Holiday Bereaved families of the Sewol ferry disaster that claimed more than 300 lives on April last ye… 02-19 2263
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