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2119 TEXT 고려인 동포가 러시아어 가르쳐준다 Local Goryo-in Population to Offer Russian Linguistic Class Goryo-in population or the Korean diaspora who immigrated back from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will offer Russian linguistic classes to… 03-10 2141
2118 TEXT 곡성 섬진강 기차마을 입장료 50% 할인된다 Admission Tickets to the Train Village in Gokseong’s Seomjin River to be Discounted Gokseong-gun district in Jeollanamdo will offer admission tickets to its Seomjin River Train Village at 50… 03-10 2478
2117 TEXT 장애인 그리는 화가, 김근태 작품 UN 본부 초대전 Gwangju Based Artist Kim Geun-tae and His Work to be Invited to UN Headquarter for Exhibition The highly acclaimed artist whose work sheds light on the disabled, Kim Geun-tae, who hi… 03-09 2848
2116 TEXT 광주 5개 시,군 - 7월부터 순환버스 운행한다 Circulation Bus to be in-operation from July Connecting Gwangju and Neighboring Districts The city of Gwangju has recently announced that a Metro-circulation bus linking Gwangju and five nei… 03-09 2409
2115 TEXT 화순적벽 버스 투어, 21일부터 주 3회로 운영한다 Hwasun Jeokbyuk Bus Tour to be in Operation from April 21st 3 Times a Week Hwasun Jeokbyuk, or Red Wall, that was opened to the public in October last year for the first time in 30 ye… 03-09 2333
2114 TEXT 전남 창조경제 혁신센터, 5월에 여수에 개소 Jeonam Creative Economy Innovation Center to Open its Doors on May in Yeosu The Jeonam Creative Economy Innovation, set to open its doors in Yeosu this year in May, will reportedly be in cha… 03-09 2214
2113 TEXT 광주 시립미술관, 빛과 과학을 주제로한 전시회 연다 Gwangju Museum of Art to Host Lighting and Science Themed Exhibition The Gwangju Museum of Art will host ‘A Beautiful World We Meet through Lights’ exhibition until May 17th … 03-09 2230
2112 TEXT 광주시, U대회 성공 개최 준비 분주 Gwangju to Prepare for Successful Hosting of the Universiade The city of Gwangju recently established a networking and cooperation system with pan-national civil groups and neighboring cities and distri… 03-09 2193
2111 TEXT 광주법원-광주 교육청 멘토링, 올해도 계속된다 Mentoring Program Operated by Gwangju District Court to Continue A joint mentoring program by the Gwangju District Court and the Educational Office in Gwangju celebrates the third year … 03-09 2116
2110 TEXT 세월호 영웅 최혜정-박지영씨 필라델피아 ‘포 채플린스’ 골드메달 수여 Sewol Ferry Heroines Receive Gold Medal from Philadelphia ‘Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation’ A U.S. non-profit organization, the Philadelphia-bas… 03-09 2191
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