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14458 TEXT 광주시,제74주년 광복절 경축식 개최 Memorials for 74th Liberation Day held nationwide To commemorate the 74th Liberation Day, a celebration took place outside of the capital area for the first time in 15 years, at the Independence Hall of… 08-15 21
14457 TEXT 국방부, 북 핵·미사일 대응강화.. 5년 국방비 291조원 투입 S. Korea to acquire more missile defense system to counter N. Korea threats South Korea plans to add two more ground-based anti-missile early warning radars and begin buildin… 08-15 13
14456 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Temperatures in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will remain above 25 degrees Celsius overnight, so find a cool place to rest and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Tomorrow will be a hot and humid day … 08-14 15
14455 TEXT 광주 마스터즈 수영대회,전 세계서 유튜브 시청 급상승 Youtube streaming on Gwangju FINA Masters dramatically increases The local organizers for the 2019 Gwangju FINA World Masters Championships said Wednesday its Youtube real time st… 08-14 17
14454 TEXT '람사르 습지 도시'순천에 세계 습지 연구자 모인다 Suncheon to host wetland forum The 2019 Society of Wetland Scientists-Asia Chapter will be held in Suncheon from August 19th to 24th. Suncheon City Hall will host the meetin… 08-14 18
14453 TEXT 전남 다문화 가족 교류·소통 공간11개 시군에 설치 Jeollanamdo to open communication centers for multicultural families Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall is enforcing plans to open communication centers for multicultural families in 11 cities… 08-14 16
14452 TEXT 檢 이재명 항소심서 원심과 동일한 징역1년6월 구형 Prosecution seeks 1.5 year prison term on Gyeonggi Governor In an appeal trial on Wednesday, prosecution demanded a one-and-a-half-year prison term for Gyeonggido Governor Lee Jae Myung… 08-14 11
14451 TEXT '세월호 보고 조작'김기춘1심 집유 Ex-presidential aide given suspended sentence for doctoring Sewol ferry sinking report The Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday sentenced Kim Ki Choon to a 1-year prison term suspended for 2 y… 08-14 15
14450 TEXT 위안부 피해자 기림일 S. Korea Commemorates Memorial Day for Comfort Women Today marks the International Memorial Day for Comfort Women. The day is set to remember and commemorate victims of Japan’s wartime sexual slavery. Hyungjin Ro has more … 08-14 20
14449 TEXT 74주년 광복절 기념식 전국 곳곳 Memorials for 74th Liberation Day to be held nationwide Tomorrow, South Korea will celebrate the 74th Liberation Day. Yeongju Ahn has details on memorial events set to held in both Seoul and Gwangju. To com… 08-14 14
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