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2606 TEXT 518 35주년, 옛 전남 도청서 별도 기념식한다 35th Anniversary Event for the May 18th to Commemorate the Day at Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall As the national government refuses to designate the symbolic song, ‘March for the Beloved’ a… 05-12 1868
2605 TEXT 광주시, 시민 서포터즈 111개국 국가별 단장 위촉한다 Gwangju to Appoint Citizen Supporter Heads from 111 Countries The city of Gwangju appointed some 101 citizens as ‘citizen supporters for the sports delegation of 111 countries… 05-12 1907
2604 TEXT 광주시-신세계 특급호텔, 복합시설로 건립된다 Five Star Hotel by Shinsegye Department Store to be Built as a Multi-purpose Leisure Facility The city of Gwangju and the region’s biggest department store, Shinsegye, signed a Memoran… 05-12 2180
2603 TEXT 전남 4개 대학교, 금연캠퍼스 추진한다 4 Universities in Jeollanamdo to be Transformed into ‘Smoking-Free’ Campuses The campuses of national Mokpo University, Suncheon National University, the Jeonam National University Yeosu and Se… 05-12 1893
2602 TEXT 518 민주화운동 기록관, 13일에 개관한다 May 18th Archive Center to be Opened On May 13th The May 18th Archive Center will open its doors to the public on May 13th, with the opening ceremony set to be held with Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hy… 05-12 2216
2601 TEXT 호남 KTX 개통 이후 광주 지하철 승객 늘어났다 Gwangju Subway Users Increase since Opening of Honam KTX The number of Gwangju subway users has seen an increase since the opening of the Honam KTX with the total number of passengers usi… 05-12 2117
2600 TEXT 518 35주년 기념식, 최악의 기념식으로 기록되나 May 18th 35th Anniversary Ceremony to be Recorded as the Worst in History This year’s May 18th Democratization Movement and its commemorative activities are expected to be the worst c… 05-11 1981
2599 TEXT 광주비엔날레 출신 임흥순 작가, 베니스 비엔날레 ‘은사자상’ 수상 Artist Yim Heung-soon Who Took Part in the Gwangju Biennale Wins ‘Silver Lion’ Award from Venice Biennale Artist Yim Heung-soon, who previously showcased… 05-11 2278
2598 TEXT 518 묘지 잇단 추모 발길 Visitors to the May 18th National Cemetery Increase Leading up to the 35th anniversary of the May 18th Democratization Movement, the number of visitors to the May 18th National Cemetery has continued to increase from … 05-11 1868
2597 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전사업, 하반기에 타당성 평가한다 Relocation of the Gwangju Military Airport Project to Undergo Feasibility Test Relocation of the Gwangju Military Airport project will undergo a feasibility test in the second half o… 05-11 1887
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