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2446 TEXT 518 기념행사 내달 1일부터 본격적으로 시작한다 May 18th Commemorative Events to begin from May 1st Various commemorative events for the May 18th Democratization Movement will begin from May 1st. The May 18th Memorial Committee h… 04-21 2002
2445 TEXT 광주문화재단 2015 창의 예술학교 수강생 모집 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to Recruit Participants for its Creative Art School Gwangju Cultural Foundation will recruit participants for its 2015 Creative Art School lectures. Divided … 04-21 1934
2444 TEXT 담양군, 대나무밭 세계 중요 농업유산 등재 추진한다 Damyang to Push Forward its Plan to Designate Its Bamboo Forest as a World Important Farming Heritage Site Damyang-gun district in Jeollanamdo will carry out its plan to designate … 04-21 2522
2443 TEXT 광주 지하철 부정승차 특별 점검한다 Gwangju to Crack Down on Illegal Free Rides or Fare Evasion in Subways Gwangju Urban Railway Corporation will carry out a special inspection to crack down on illegal free riders and fare evasion in s… 04-21 2090
2442 TEXT 전남도내 전 지역 AI 이동제한 해제됐다 Restricted Migration in Respond to Outbreak of Avian Influenza Lifted Restrictions on poultry migration in Jeollanamdo, which were issued in the midst of the spread of the highly pathogenic avian i… 04-21 2135
2441 TEXT 광주 장애인들, ‘저상버스’ 도입 촉구 Local Handicapped Population Requests Adaptation of Low-floor Buses Local handicapped citizens requested the city to adapt low floor buses to provide greater convenience for the handicapped popul… 04-21 1850
2440 TEXT 함평 나비 축제 다음달 1일부터 열린다 Hampyeong Butterfly Festival to be Held from May 1st One of Jeollanamdo’s representative festivals, the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival will be held from May 1st for 10 days in the Hampyeong Agricult… 04-20 1952
2439 TEXT 프랑스 동화 캐릭터, 광주에서 전시된다 French Animation Characters to be Displayed in Gwangju Popular animation characters in France will be displayed in Gwangju from April 17th to May 15th at the Lotte Gallery. Jointly designed and… 04-20 1951
2438 TEXT 광주시-광주상공회의소 청년 일자리 창출 약속 Gwangju and Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pledge Cooperation in Creating Jobs for Young Job Seekers The city of Gwangju and the Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry singed a … 04-20 2110
2437 TEXT 광주 하계유니버시아드, 런닝맨 촬영 및 하버드대 콘서트로 홍보한다 Gwangju Summer Universiade to be Promoted through Filming Famous TV Show and Harvard University Concert The city of Gwangju and organizers for the 2015 Gwang… 04-20 2198
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