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534 TEXT 대나무 박람회 통역스쿨 내달 개강 Bamboo Expo Language School for Volunteers in Foreign Languages to be Opened The second round of the foreign language school to recruit and cultivate volunteers in foreign languages for the World Bamboo… 08-14 2747
533 TEXT 순천 생태체험 학습센터 1만 5천여명 참여 Suncheon Ecological Experience Center Gains Popularity Operated by the city of Suncheon, Ecological Tourism Experience Center and its customized experience program for adolescents is gaining pop… 08-14 2530
532 TEXT 광주전남 69주년 광복절 기념행사 Various Commemorative Events for the Independence Day to be Held in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will host various commemorative events to memorialize the 69th anniversary of the Gwangb… 08-14 2831
531 TEXT 김대중 전 대통령 서거 5주기 추모음악회 Commemorative Music Concert for the Late President Kim Dae-jung to be Held in Gwangju A ceremonial music concert to commemorate the 5th year anniversary since the passing of the late President K… 08-14 2565
530 TEXT 이낙연지사, 포스코-여수산단 해저터널 건설 협조 요청 Jeollanamdo Governor Asks Industrial Cooperation for Construction of Undersea Tunnel Governor of Jeollanamdo, Lee Nak-yeon, reportedly met with key governmental and industria… 08-14 2587
529 TEXT 광주김치, 오늘 대만으로 첫 수출길 Gwangju Made Kimchi to be Exported to Taiwan for the First Time Today Gwangju made Kimchi will be exported to Taiwan for the first time today, raising hopes for greater access to overseas markets in Sou… 08-14 2544
528 TEXT 프란치스코 교황 방한, 1984년 요한 바오로 2세 광주 방문 Pope Francisco to Visit Korea Today Pope Francisco will visit Korea from today for five days to attend Asia Youth Day and conduct masses in Seoul and Daejeon, becoming the se… 08-14 3063
527 TEXT ‘세월오월’ 전시여부, 토론회로 결정한다 Exhibition of Controversial ‘SewolOwol’ to be Decided By Vote Gwangju Biennale Foundation has reportedly decided to host a debate over the exhibition of the controversial artwork, ‘Sew… 08-14 2918
526 TEXT 광주영어방송 8.15 특집다큐멘터리 ‘가네보의 실잣는 소녀들’ 방송 In related news, the Gwangju Foreign Language Network will broadcast an 8.15 special radio documentary, titled ‘Little Girl Spinner in KANEBO’ on August 15t… 08-13 3349
525 TEXT 제69주년 광복절 경축행사 다채 Various commemorative events will be held to celebrate the 69thanniversary of the National Liberation Day. According to the City of Gwangju, it will host an official celebration on August 15th, the 69th N… 08-13 3080
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