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2200 TEXT 호남 KTX 개통에 항공사 요금 할인 시행 Airplane Fares Drop as Honam KTX Opens Airplane fares will see rate cuts as the airline industry authorities intend to maintain the demand for air routes upon the opening of Honam KTX bullet train … 03-19 2084
2199 TEXT 순천만 생태공원 입장객, 1만명으로 제한한다 Admission to Suncheon Bay Ecological Park by Visitors to be Restricted to Under 10,000 The city of Suncheon will reportedly restrict the total number of daily visitors to the Suncheon Bay … 03-19 2171
2198 TEXT 광주시, 송정역 인근 3개 시장 – 문화관광 시장으로 육성한다 Gwangju to Cultivate 3 Neighboring Markets near Songjeong Station into Culture and Tourism Themed Markets The city of Gwangju will reportedly cultivate three neighbori… 03-19 2270
2197 TEXT 광주 – 빛가람 혁신도시 택시 편도요금 일원화한다 Gwangju – Bitgaram Innovation City Taxi Fare to be Unified The one-way taxi fare from Gwangju Songjeong station to the Gwangju – Jeonam Joint Innovation at Bitgaram City will b… 03-19 2176
2196 TEXT 광주시 ‘시민감사관’ 모집한다 Gwangju to Recruit ‘Civil Audit Members’ The city of Gwangju will recruit civil audit members with professional knowledge and preferably previous experience in audit inspection work in the field of cu… 03-19 1837
2195 TEXT 강진 ‘한국민화미술관’ 5월에 개관한다 Gangjin ‘Korean Folk Painting Museum’ to Open in May The Korean Folk Painting Artistic Museum in Gangjin will be opened in May. The museum is currently under construction next to the Celado… 03-19 1953
2194 TEXT 영산강 문화장터 공식 개장한다 Yeongsan River Cultural Market to be Officially Opened The 2015 Yeongsan River Cultural Market that showcases agricultural and specialty goods will be run from Saturday, March 21st. According to the Iksan… 03-18 2103
2193 TEXT 문화전당 활용해 중국 관광객 유치한다 Asian Culture Complex to Attract Chinese Tourists The city of Gwangju will develop and construct diverse tourism infrastructures and programs inside the soon to be opened national Asian Culture Com… 03-18 2076
2192 TEXT ‘아시아문화전당 효과’ 광주 도심에 활력 불어넣는다 ‘Asian Culture Complex Effect’ to Revitalize Gwangju Prior to the official opening of the national Asian Culture Complex, an ‘Asian Culture Complex Effect’ is report… 03-18 2110
2191 TEXT 임을 위한 행진곡, 올해도 518 기념식 제창 어려울 듯 March for the Beloved May Not be Sung in Unison at This Year’s May 18th Commemorative Ceremonies The symbolic May 18th song, ‘March for the Beloved’ will not be allowed to b… 03-18 2433
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