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2155 TEXT 광주시, U대회 서포터즈 모집한다 Gwangju to Recruit Supporters for the Universiade The city of Gwangju will recruit some 50,000 supporters and volunteers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade to provide aid in cheering for different gam… 03-13 2067
2154 TEXT 광주세관, 무안공항 이용객 검사 강화 Gwangju Customs Office to Strengthen Inspection of Belongings of the Passengers at Muan Airport The Gwangju Main Customs Office will strengthen and intensify its inspection of personal belongings of… 03-13 2228
2153 TEXT 신안군 비금도에 농촌 체험길 조성된다 Farming Experience Walking Path to be Constructed in Bigeumdo Island of Shinan The Shinan-gun district in Jeollanamdo will construct a farming experience walking path in Dogo village on Bigeum Isl… 03-13 2094
2152 TEXT 무등산권 관광 인프라, ‘스토리 텔링’으로 개발된다 Tourism Infrastructure in Mt. Mudeung to be Developed into ‘Story Telling Themed Tour Packages’ The natural surroundings and tourism infrastructure in the National Mt. Mudeu… 03-13 2028
2151 TEXT 광주 – 대구시 ‘달빛동맹’ 조례 제정 협의 Gwangju and Daegu Agree on ‘Dalbit Alliance’ Amendment The city of Gwangju and Daegu in North Gyeongsang province will push ahead with preparation and enactment of a ‘Dalbit Alliance… 03-13 1876
2150 TEXT 기아 타이거즈 시범경기 무료입장 확정 Free Admission to Kia Tigers Test Game Gwangju’s professional baseball team, Kia Tigers, will accept spectators free of charge to its test games set to be held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions’ Fie… 03-12 2154
2149 TEXT 광주시, 고려인 안정 정착 지원한다 Gwangju to Offer a Hand for Stable Settlement of Goryoin Population in the City The city of Gwangju will prepare and provide various administrative measures aimed at helping with the settlement of Gory… 03-12 1918
2148 TEXT 광주 전통문화관, 퓨전국악 무대 선보인다 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center to Showcase Crossover Gukak Performance The Gwangju Traditional Culture Center will showcase crossover Korean traditional music and fusion pop on Saturday, M… 03-12 2137
2147 TEXT 광주 예술의 거리, 문화예술 발전소로 탈바꿈한다 Gwangju Art Street to be Transformed into Culture and Art Development Center Art Street in Gwangju will be transformed into a culture and art development center. The Art Street Re… 03-12 2241
2146 TEXT 정부 늑장 지원, 광주 ‘3월 보육료 대란’ 현실화 Delayed Governmental Support for Child Care to Cause Major Chaos in Gwangju Following an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, the national government recently decided… 03-12 2050
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