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2112 TEXT 광주시, U대회 성공 개최 준비 분주 Gwangju to Prepare for Successful Hosting of the Universiade The city of Gwangju recently established a networking and cooperation system with pan-national civil groups and neighboring cities and distri… 03-09 2171
2111 TEXT 광주법원-광주 교육청 멘토링, 올해도 계속된다 Mentoring Program Operated by Gwangju District Court to Continue A joint mentoring program by the Gwangju District Court and the Educational Office in Gwangju celebrates the third year … 03-09 2086
2110 TEXT 세월호 영웅 최혜정-박지영씨 필라델피아 ‘포 채플린스’ 골드메달 수여 Sewol Ferry Heroines Receive Gold Medal from Philadelphia ‘Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation’ A U.S. non-profit organization, the Philadelphia-bas… 03-09 2161
2109 TEXT 팽목항에 ‘세월호 기억의 벽’ 세워진다 ‘Sewol Ferry Memory Wall’ to be Installed in Paengmok Harbor A ‘Sewol Ferry Memory Wall’, constructed to memorialize victims of the April 16th Sewol Ferry Disaster, will be completed on… 03-09 2418
2108 TEXT 정부, 광주 U대회 참가 북 선수단 경비 지원 검토 The National Government Looking Into Support for North Korean Athletes Upon the official notification of the participation of North Korea in the Summer Universiade, the South Korean g… 03-09 2012
2107 TEXT 광주전남 꽃샘추위 예상된다 Last Cold Snap Predicted in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo The last round of cold snaps is forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo for today through tomorrow with a drastic fall in daytime temperatures as cold air flo… 03-09 2084
2106 TEXT 광양 매화축제, 14일부터 22일까지 열린다 Gwangyang Apricot Flower Festival to be Held from March 14th to the 22nd Gwangyang Apricot Flower Festival will be held from March 14th to the 22nd. Comprised of 8 events and 24 different prog… 03-06 2246
2105 TEXT 전남 소방본부, 봄철 소방 안전대책 추진한다 Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters to Push Ahead Safety Measures for the Spring Season Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarter will push ahead various fire-related safety measures for the … 03-06 2307
2104 TEXT 윤석민, 기아 타이거즈 전격 복귀한다 Yoon Seok-min Returns Home to Kia Tigers Right-handed pitcher, Yoon Seok-min, who played for Gwangju’s professional baseball team the Kia Tigers for 7 seasons and left to play Major League Basebal… 03-06 2210
2103 TEXT 전두환 미국 재산 12억 환수 Military Strongman Chun Du-won’s Assets Recovered from U.S. The U.S. and Korean government have recovered assets worth 120 million won that Chun Du-won, the former president and military dictator of South Korea … 03-06 2184
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