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3035 TEXT 전라남도해양수산과학원, 복합양식시험 연구 기술개발에 성공하다 Jeollanamdo Maritime and Fisheries Science Museum Succeeds in Developing Test Research Technique of Combined Farming The Sea Cucumber Industrial Research Center … 07-02 1686
3034 TEXT 주요국 대사들, U대회 위해 광주 방문 Ambassadors from Different Countries Visit Gwangju With only two days remaining until the official kickoff of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, ambassadors from different countries visited Gwangju… 07-01 1561
3033 TEXT 광주시, 올해 생활 임금제 시행: 시급 7,254원 The city of Gwangju to Implement Living Wage at 7,254 Won The city of Gwangju has recently adaptedaliving wage systemof7,254 won and implemented it today for the first timeamongnationwide metr… 07-01 1805
3032 TEXT 2016 광주비엔날레 총감독, '마리아 린드' Maria Lind Appointed as a Director of the 2016 Gwangju Biennale A Swedish artist, curator and artistic director, Maria Lind,has been appointed as a director for the 2016 Gwangju Biennale.… 07-01 2209
3031 TEXT U대회 메인 미디어센터 개관 Universiade Main Press Center Opened Themain press center for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade,where domestic and international press associates will gather,was officially opened yesterday. Located at the G… 07-01 1769
3030 TEXT 광주시청사 1층 로비, '시민의 숲' 오늘 오픈 'Citizens' Forest' on the First Lobby of Gwangju City Hall Opened Today The first floor of Gwangju city hall,whichhas beenunder major refurbishmentto serve asa'cit… 07-01 1617
3029 TEXT 광주 지역 고등학교 신입생 입학금, 내년부터 면제받는다 Gwangju Regional High School Freshman to Be Exempted From Admission Fees Next Year Gwangju regional high school freshman are scheduled to be exempted from admission fees next … 07-01 1803
3028 TEXT 천정배 의원, 대통령의 아시아문화전당에 대한 거론에 반박하다 Representative Cheon Jeong Bae to Refute President's Address About Asian Culture Complex The representative for Gwangju Seogu B District, Cheon Jeong Bae, claimed… 07-01 1931
3027 TEXT 여수 해양경비안전교육원, 학술세미나 개최하다 Yeosu Coast Guard Safety Education Center to Hold Academic Seminar As an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, the Yeosu Coast Guard Safety Education Cen… 07-01 1748
3026 TEXT 광주 U대회에서 야구 한일전 벌인다 Korea - Japan Baseball Match to Be Held at Gwangju Universiade A Korea - Japan baseball match will be held in Gwangju. The both countries have been preparing for the contest, which will be held on the… 07-01 1765
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