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434 TEXT 2014 현대라이프컵 국제대학 배구대회 International University Volley Ball Championship to be Held in Gwangju The 2014 Hyundai Life International Men’s University Volley Ball Championship will kick off in Gwangju on August 11th at Yeom… 08-01 3894
433 TEXT 양림동이 낳은 천재 음악가 정추 추모공연 Commemorative Concert for the Legendary Musician Jeong Chu to be Held A memorial concert that commemorates the one-year anniversary of the passing of the legendary musician Jeong Chu who was b… 08-01 3105
432 TEXT 광주권 국립대학 신입생 90% 일반고 출신 90 percent of Freshmen at National Universities in Gwangju Originate from Ordinary High Schools 90 percent of the freshmen attending national universities in Gwangju, such as Jeonam National Unive… 08-01 3055
431 TEXT 도로명주소 쓰면 우편요금 할인 Postal Fees to be Discounted When Using New Address The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and its Postal Service Headquarters has announced it will apply discount rates on packages and mail using … 08-01 2877
430 TEXT 추석 열차 승차권 12-13일 예매 Train Tickets for Chuseok Holiday On Sale from August 12th for Two Days Korea Railroad Corporation has announced that train tickets for the Chuseok holiday will be on sale from August 12th for two days on it… 08-01 4136
429 TEXT 강풍, 비 동반 태풍 ‘나크리’ 북상 Typhoon ‘Nacre’ With Gusts and Rain Moves Northward As Gwangju and Jeollanamdo come under the direct influence of the typhoon NAKRI, mostly overcast skies accompanied by strong gusts and torrential… 08-01 3504
428 TEXT 광주전남지역 학교폭력 감소 School Violence in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Sees Reduction School violence cases reported in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have reportedly seen a drastic fall from 2011 to 2013. According to the ‘School Violence R… 08-01 2792
427 TEXT 광주, 온실가스 감축 가구에 탄소포인트 지급 Gwangju to Provide Financial Incentives to Households That Reduce Green House Gases The city of Gwangju will provide financial incentives of up to 186 million won to some 23,000 households… 08-01 3015
426 TEXT 광주시, 시내버스 영어 안내방송 확대 실시 Gwangju to Expand English Guidance Service for Intra-city Buses An extended English announcement service will be offered for intra-city buses in Gwangju from today. English announcements f… 08-01 3001
425 TEXT 광주서 인기 영화감독과 함께 연기-제작 체험 Experience Acting and Producing First Hand with a Film Director The ‘On-site Film Making and Acting Experience Program’ targeting local youth interested in learning and experiencing movi… 07-31 2831
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