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427 TEXT 광주, 온실가스 감축 가구에 탄소포인트 지급 Gwangju to Provide Financial Incentives to Households That Reduce Green House Gases The city of Gwangju will provide financial incentives of up to 186 million won to some 23,000 households… 08-01 3015
426 TEXT 광주시, 시내버스 영어 안내방송 확대 실시 Gwangju to Expand English Guidance Service for Intra-city Buses An extended English announcement service will be offered for intra-city buses in Gwangju from today. English announcements f… 08-01 3001
425 TEXT 광주서 인기 영화감독과 함께 연기-제작 체험 Experience Acting and Producing First Hand with a Film Director The ‘On-site Film Making and Acting Experience Program’ targeting local youth interested in learning and experiencing movi… 07-31 2832
424 TEXT 장흥 물축제서 무더위 날리세요 Beat the Sweltering Summer at Jangheung Water Festival The 7th Jeongnamjin (정남진) Jangheung Water Festival will be held from August 1st to the 7th at the Jangheung Cypress Tree Woodland and the Tamjin R… 07-31 3112
423 TEXT 광주시, ‘중국교류 활성화’ 전략 수립 Gwangju to Prepare for Strategic Plans for Active Exchange with China The city of Gwangju has reportedly begun preparing strategic plans aimed at promoting greater cultural, political, and economi… 07-31 2784
422 TEXT 디지털 그림으로 교류하는 작가 전시회 광주에서 Digital Picture Exhibition to be Held in Gwangju Gwangju Municipal Sansu Library Gallery will host an exhibition featuring artwork created and produced by local artists from August 1st… 07-31 2807
421 TEXT 순천서 남해안권 시장-군수 상생 모색 Representatives of the Southern Coastal Regions Join Hands Mayors and district governors of the southern coastal regions in Jeollanamdo and South Gyeongsang province have joined hands to promote great… 07-31 2793
420 TEXT 세월호 진도군민 어려움, 생계복구 지원확대 촉구 Jindo Residents Suffering from Ferry Accident Ask for Help Composed of 58 regional civil groups in Jindo, the Jindo Residents Disaster Control Committee met with the Pan-governmental … 07-31 3253
419 TEXT 광주 U대회 – 아시아나 항공 후원 협약 Asiana Airlines to Sponsor 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade One of Korea’s major airlines, Asiana Airlines, will reportedly sponsor and provide free transportation for participating athletes from … 07-31 3529
418 TEXT 돌풍 동반 소나기, 내일부터 태풍 영향권 12th Typhoon NAKRI Takes Effect in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo As Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are expected to come under the influence of the season’s 12th typhoon, NAKRI, mostly overcast skies accompa… 07-31 3926
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