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404 TEXT 광주시교육청, 송원고에 자사고 조건부 승인 공식 통보 Office of Education Notifies Songwon High School of Approval-on-condition Gwangju Office of Education has reportedly notified Songwon High School, one of three local autonomou… 07-30 3109
403 TEXT 내일 전국 15개 지역에서 재보궐 선거 By-Election to be Held in 15 Counties Across the Nation July 30th by-elections will be held in 15 counties across the nation tomorrow and voters in these respective regions can cast their ballots from… 07-29 3893
402 TEXT 순천서 세계동물 영화제 개최 Suncheon Bay Animal Film Festival to be Held Organized by the Jeonam Media Association and the Suncheon Bay Animal Film Festival Committee and hosted by the city of Suncheon, the Suncheon Bay Animal Film Festi… 07-29 3300
401 TEXT 광주전남 기초연금 41만명 받았다 Basic Pension Beneficiaries in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Marked 410,000 The city of Gwangju and the Jeollanamdo province national pension service has reportedly announced that the total number of beneficiar… 07-29 3279
400 TEXT 완도수산고, 글로벌 수산인재 양성 Wando Maritime High School Cultivating Global Fisheries Experts Korea’s one and only Meister High School specializing in maritime education and fisheries industry, the Wando Maritime High School, ha… 07-29 3060
399 TEXT 국립나주박물관 여름방학 교육 프로그램 운영 Naju National Museum to Operate Summer Education Program Naju National Museum will operate a summer educational program for summer vacation, targeting local students and families from Augu… 07-29 3341
398 TEXT 금남로일대, 예술가 작업실로 탈바꿈 Geumnamro To be Transformed into Artistic Residency Geumnamro Street will be transformed into an artistic residency area on August 8th from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the morning. Featuring 100 artists f… 07-29 2948
397 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장, ‘월드컵 경기장 시민이 이용토록 해야’ Gwangju Mayor Insists Citizens be Allowed Usage of World Cup Stadium Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun has reportedly insisted that public facilities constructed through taxa… 07-29 3347
396 TEXT 전국 수산물 수출감소, 전남은 증가 Nationwide Fisheries Exports Decline While Increasing in Jeollanamdo Jeollanamdo has announced that the total export of fisheries items produced in Jeollanamdo increased by 7.5 percent at 77 million do… 07-29 3206
395 TEXT 광주문화재단 이주민 문화사업 ‘풍성’ Various Cultural Projects for Immigrants by Gwangju Culture Foundation Gwangju Culture Foundation will launch a cultural project designed to help the foreign population and immigrants in Gwangju… 07-29 2979
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