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3771 TEXT 광주시민 대중교통 불만 '으뜸'…민원 중 16.5% 차지 Public Transportation Generates Highest Level of City Complaints in Gwangju It was reported on the 1st that public transportation generated the highest rate of civil complai… 11-02 1612
3770 TEXT 광주 민주인권,평화 콤플렉스 조성 탄력 Gwangju Democratic, Human Rights, Peace Complex Gains Momentum Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced construction plans for a Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace Complex are gathering momentum with… 10-30 1675
3769 TEXT 광주시의회 초청, 中 광저우시 인민대표대회 상무위 우호 방문 China’s Guangzhou People’s Congress Visits Gwangju Assembly China’s Guangzhou People’s Congress paid a visit to the Gwangju Assembly on October 28th to encourage co… 10-30 1552
3768 TEXT 2015 광주과학문화축전 개최 2015 Gwangju Science & Culture Festival Opens October 30th The Gwangju Education and Science Research Institute will host the “2015 Gwangju Science and Culture Festival” from October 30th to 31st. The ev… 10-30 1603
3767 TEXT 전남대병원,외국인 환자 특급이송작전 펼친다 CNU Hospital Transports Injured American Home Chonnam National University Hospital will carry out special transfer operations to return an injured foreign patient back to the United States on … 10-30 1587
3766 TEXT 광주문화재단‘달빛동맹 문화탐방교류’시민100여명과 대구 방문 100 Citizens Travel to Daegu With‘Dalbit Alliance Culture Exchange’ 100 Gwangju citizens will travel on tour to Daegu as part of the Gwangju Culture Foundation’s … 10-30 1681
3765 TEXT 광주 도심서31일 지역최초'할로윈 페스티벌'열린다 Gwangju Biennale Foundation Hosts Downtown Halloween Festival The Gwangju Biennale Foundation will hold a “Boogie Brother Halloween Festival” for city residents on Saturday t… 10-30 1768
3764 TEXT 2015 광주독립영화제 30일 개막 2015 Gwangju Indie Film Festival Kicks Off on 30th The 2015 Gwangju Independent Film Festival begins on October 30th at Gwangju Visual Content Center in the city’s Dong-gu district. This is the fourth year for … 10-30 1620
3763 TEXT 광주전남중기청, 11월2~15일 '온라인 채용박람회' Small-Medium Business Administration Hosts Online Job Fair The ‘2015 Gwangju-Jeonnam Online Job Fair’, will be held November 2nd to 15th. The event is hosted by the Gwangju-Jeo… 10-30 1930
3762 TEXT 광주 김치축제 폐막…김치 수출계약 6억 성사 ‘22nd Gwangju World Kimchi Festival’ Comes to an End The 22ndGwangju World Kimchi Festival’ came to an end in Gwangju yesterday the 28th, recording a total of about 70,000 visitors during t… 10-29 1638
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