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2040 TEXT 전국 광역의장협의회, 세월호 선체인양 촉구 Metropolitan City Council Association Urges Fast Recovery of Sunken Ferry Sewol At a meeting at the Busan APEC House today, the nationwide Metropolitan City Council Association passed a r… 02-26 2252
2039 TEXT 광주-혁신도시 시티투어 ‘인기’ City Tour Program for Gwangju and Bitgaram City Gains Popularity The city of Gwangju has operated a series of city tour programs for citizens and public organization workers who recently relocated to Gwa… 02-26 2376
2038 TEXT 광주전남 소비자심리지수, 전국 평균 밑돌아 Consumer’s Sentiment in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Falls Short of National Average The recent Consumer Sentiment Index in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has come in at below the national average. … 02-26 2185
2037 TEXT 전남도교육청, 새학기부터 인성수준 검사 실시한다 Jeollanamdo Educational Office to Conduct Personality Test Among the Students Jeollanamdo Office of Education will reportedly carry out personality tests amongst elementary, middle… 02-26 2185
2036 TEXT 여수, 해양 스포츠 전지훈련지로 각광 Yeosu Gains Popularity as an Off-season Training Spot for Athletes The city of Yeosu, which continues to gain popularity as an off-season winter training spot among nationwide athletes in maritime s… 02-26 2194
2035 TEXT 광주 시립 민속 박물관, ‘정월 대보름 한마당’ 잔치 개최 Gwangju Municipal Folk Museum to Host ‘Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival’ Jeongwol Daeboreum, which refers to the first full moon of the Lunar New Year that falls on the 1… 02-26 2326
2034 TEXT 새정치 민병두 의원, 518 보상에 해직언론인 포함하는 법안 발의 NPAD Party Lawmaker Proposes Legislation that Includes Dimissed Journalists for the May 18th Compensation Main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy party l… 02-26 2309
2033 TEXT 여수 빛노리야 축제 5월 10일까지 연장한다 Yeosu Bitnoriya Festival to be Extended Until May 10th The city of Yeosu will extend the ‘Bitnoriya’ Festival, which garnered nationwide attention for its lighting themed exhibitions and ex… 02-26 2275
2032 TEXT 대인야시장 별장 이벤트 27~28일 열린다 Daein Nighttime Art Market Event to be Held from the 27th for Two Days Gwangju’s Daein Market will host this year’s second Byeoljang or nighttime art market event from 7:30 p.m. for two hours… 02-26 2385
2031 TEXT 광주전남 3·1절 기념행사 다채 Various Commemorative Events to be Held for the March 1st Independence Movement Various events will be held across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo for the 96th commemoration of the March 1st Independence Day. Gwang… 02-26 2364
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