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2175 TEXT 전남 동부권, 대만 관광객 유치 나선다 Eastern Jeollanamdo to Attract Tourists from Taiwan With the cooperation of different municipal governments in the area, the city of Suncheon will invite Taiwanese journalists and the press as well … 03-17 1993
2174 TEXT 광주시, KTX 대비 교통 상황 개선 추진한다 Gwangju to Improve Transportation In Preparation for the Opening of KTX The city of Gwangju has reportedly prepared a set of measures to improve traffic infrastructure and the transportation sy… 03-17 1934
2173 TEXT 나주시, KTX 개통 맞춰 나주역 주차장 무료 개방한다 Naju to Open up the Naju Station Parking Lot for Free In Time for the Opening of KTX The city of Naju will open up nearby parking lots at Naju station for free in time for the openi… 03-17 2192
2172 TEXT 광주 동구, 아시아문화전당 현장투어 4월까지 실시한다 Gwangju Dong-gu District to Carry out On-site Tour at Asian Culture Complex Until April Gwangju Dong-gu district will conduct on-site tours at the Asian Culture Complex from M… 03-16 2067
2171 TEXT 목포 야경, 시티버스로 구경한다 City Tour Bus to Travel to Various Tourist Spots in Mokpo City tour buses in Mokpo that travel to different tourist spots in the city and its scenic night attractions will begin operation from next month. … 03-16 2252
2170 TEXT 광주시, 독일서 2200만달러 투자협약 Gwangju to Sign Investment Deal Worth 220 Million Dollars in Germany Gwangju Trade and Investment Group recently marked this year’s first overseas investment deal worth 220 million dollars in Cologne… 03-16 2085
2169 TEXT 518 왜곡 대책위원회, 오늘 국회 방문한다 May 18th Defamation Response Headquarters to Visit National Assembly Today The May 18th Historical Defamation Response Headquarters will visit national assembly ruling and opposition party repr… 03-16 2076
2168 TEXT 광주 비엔날레 참여작가 및 감독, 베니스 비엔날레에 초청 Participating Artists and Directors to Gwangju Biennale Invited to Venice Biennale Artists and directors who previously took part in the Gwangju Biennale, including Gwangj… 03-16 2031
2167 TEXT 오늘, 전국 민방위 훈련 오후 2시부터 Nationwide Civil Defense Drill Today at 2 p.m. Gwangju and Jeollanamdo municipal governments will hold a 20-mintue civil defense drill from 2 p.m. today. During the drill, various infrastructure a… 03-16 2272
2166 TEXT 완도에 대규모 자연휴양림 조성된다 Large Scale Recreational Forest to be Constructed in Wando Island A large-scale recreational forest will be constructed in Wando Island, which will function as a resort area for recreation and rest ta… 03-16 2200
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