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2145 TEXT 광주 시민단체 – 통일부, 남북 단일팀 막는다 규탄 Civil Groups in Gwangju Condemn the Unification Ministry for Opposing Formation of a Unified Korean Team Regarding recent remarks made by the Unification Ministry that oppose the fo… 03-12 2211
2144 TEXT 세계 민주, 인권 기록물 광주에서 전시된다 International Democracy and Human Rights Related Records to be Exhibited in Gwangju Following the designation of historical records related to the May 18th Democratization Movement as part of… 03-12 2142
2143 TEXT 호남선 KTX 예매, 13일부터 가능하다 Reservation for Honam KTX Will be Available from March 13th Reservations for the Honam KTX, which is set to begin operation from April 2nd, will be available starting Friday, March 13th. When the firs… 03-12 2110
2142 TEXT 광주 남구 문화예술 작은도서관 개관 Small Scale Cultural Library to be Opened in Gwangju A small-scale Culture and Art Library will be opened in Gwangju Nam-gu district and its Sajik-dong area on Friday, March 13th. The small library… 03-12 2025
2141 TEXT 국립 아시아문화전당 운영 조직 준비 본격화 National Asian Culture Complex Begins Preparation to Launch Main Governing Body of the Complex Preparations are under way to launch the main governing body of the complex that will function … 03-12 2123
2140 TEXT 광주시, 중국 유학생 통해 광주 알린다 Gwangju to Promote City Through Chinese Students Studying Here The city of Gwangju will promote the city to China through Chinese students studying in the city. With the cooperation of the Gwang… 03-12 1887
2139 TEXT 남도 봄꽃 축제 잇따라 열린다 Series of Spring Flower Festivals to be Held in Namdo A series spring flower festival will be held across Jeollanamdo in March and April. According to Jeollanamdo, the Gwangyang Apricot Flower Festival will… 03-11 2190
2138 TEXT 광주은행, 이체 시간 지정 서비스 도입한다 Gwangju Bank to Adopt Specific Transfer Time Period Gwangju Bank will adopt a ‘Designated Transfer Time’ system to prevent theft by smartphone banking for its account holders. This is t… 03-11 2294
2137 TEXT 전남도청사, 에너지 절약 전국 1위 기록 Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Ranks No.1 in Saving Energy Jeollanamdo provincial hall recently secured 2.5 billion won in local tax subsidiaries given by the Ministry of Government Administration an… 03-11 2255
2136 TEXT 대인 예술 야시장, 이 달부터 월 두 차례 열린다 Daein Night Art Market to be Hosted Twice a Month Gwangju’s renowned regional artistic event at Daein traditional market, the Daein Night Art Market will be held twice a month for two … 03-11 2363
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