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2125 TEXT 여수밤바다 방문자 센터 운영한다 Yeosu to Operate Visitors’ Center for Oceanic Areas The city of Yeosu will operate a ‘Visitors’ Center’ at famous oceanic spots in Yeosu near the Yi Sun-shin square and its tourism guidance center… 03-10 2101
2124 TEXT 국악 문화학교 방과후 어린이 국악교실 수강생 모집한다 Gukak Culture Center to Recruit for Children’s Gukak Class The Bitgoeul Gukak Inheritance Center will recruit students for after school Children’s Gukak Class and Gukak C… 03-10 2201
2123 TEXT 광주전남 곳곳에 한파주의보 Cold Wave Advisory Issued in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo A Cold Wave Advisory was issued as of 6 p.m. yesterday in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo and the last round of the cold snap will continue across Gwangju and Jeolla… 03-10 2151
2122 TEXT 국내 첫 ‘국제알코올연료심포지엄’ 광주에서 개최된다 Korea’s First ‘International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels’ to be Held in Gwangju Korea’s first ‘International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels’ will be held from March … 03-10 2108
2121 TEXT 광주시, 문화전당 개관 지원본부 운영한다 Gwangju to Run Asian Culture Complex Support Headquarters The city of Gwangju will launch and operate a support headquarters in preparation of the national Asian Culture Complex prior to the of… 03-10 2149
2120 TEXT 경찰, ‘광주시 검색 이미지로 뜬 홍어’ 관련 구글에 정보 요청 Regional Police Request Information of Uploader who Posted Skate Fish Image in Relation to Gwangju The regional police agency in Gwangju reportedly requested infor… 03-10 2195
2119 TEXT 고려인 동포가 러시아어 가르쳐준다 Local Goryo-in Population to Offer Russian Linguistic Class Goryo-in population or the Korean diaspora who immigrated back from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will offer Russian linguistic classes to… 03-10 2120
2118 TEXT 곡성 섬진강 기차마을 입장료 50% 할인된다 Admission Tickets to the Train Village in Gokseong’s Seomjin River to be Discounted Gokseong-gun district in Jeollanamdo will offer admission tickets to its Seomjin River Train Village at 50… 03-10 2360
2117 TEXT 장애인 그리는 화가, 김근태 작품 UN 본부 초대전 Gwangju Based Artist Kim Geun-tae and His Work to be Invited to UN Headquarter for Exhibition The highly acclaimed artist whose work sheds light on the disabled, Kim Geun-tae, who hi… 03-09 2812
2116 TEXT 광주 5개 시,군 - 7월부터 순환버스 운행한다 Circulation Bus to be in-operation from July Connecting Gwangju and Neighboring Districts The city of Gwangju has recently announced that a Metro-circulation bus linking Gwangju and five nei… 03-09 2393
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