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2104 TEXT 윤석민, 기아 타이거즈 전격 복귀한다 Yoon Seok-min Returns Home to Kia Tigers Right-handed pitcher, Yoon Seok-min, who played for Gwangju’s professional baseball team the Kia Tigers for 7 seasons and left to play Major League Basebal… 03-06 2210
2103 TEXT 전두환 미국 재산 12억 환수 Military Strongman Chun Du-won’s Assets Recovered from U.S. The U.S. and Korean government have recovered assets worth 120 million won that Chun Du-won, the former president and military dictator of South Korea … 03-06 2185
2102 TEXT 전남 어업 생산량 전국 1위 기록 Fisheries Production in Jeollanamdo Mark the Highest Figures in the Nation Jeollanamdo and its fisheries production marked the highest figures in the nation. According to the ‘Fisheries Production in Ja… 03-06 2038
2101 TEXT 금연 구역 전담 ‘단속원’ 생긴다 Exclusive Regulators to be Dispatched to Smoking-free Zones in the City Exclusive regulators will be dispatched to crack down on smokers in smoking-free zones in the Dong-gu district of Gwangju. Dong-g… 03-06 2389
2100 TEXT 광주시-7개대학 ‘열린 강연방’ 운영한다 Gwangju and 7 Local Major Universities to Operate ‘Open Lecture Room’ An open lecture room, aimed at sharing knowledge and offering cyber space for open discussion among prominent academic… 03-06 2230
2099 TEXT 광주시, 예술의 거리 활성화 프로그램 가동한다 Gwangju to Begin ‘Revitalization Program for Art Street’ The city of Gwangju will reportedly begin a utilization program for the art street in Gwangju as part of its grand-cultural r… 03-06 2156
2098 TEXT 호남고속철도, 4월 2일에 개통된다 Honam KTX to be Opened on April 2nd The much anticipated Honam Express Railway, which will reduce the total travel time between Gwangju and Seoul from the previous 3 hours to 1 ½ hours will be officiall… 03-06 2123
2097 TEXT 전남교육청 영재교육 수혜학생 확대한다 Jeonam Education Office and its Special Cultivation Program for Gifted Children to be Expanded Jeollanamdo Office of Education will reportedly increase three-fold the beneficiaries of its Specia… 03-06 2208
2096 TEXT 북한, 광주 유니버시아드 참가 신청서 접수 North Korea Applies to Participate in Gwangju Universiade North Korea officially notified the organizing committee for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade of its intention to participate in t… 03-06 2026
2095 TEXT 국제 운전면허증, 전남 5개도시에서 발급 대행한다 Issuance of International Drivers’ License Now Available in 5 Cities in Jeollanamdo Citizens can now apply for one-stop passport and international drivers’ license simultaneousl… 03-05 2339
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