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2355 TEXT 중국인 민원 해결 지원센터 광주에 개소 Civil Affairs Support Center for Chinese Opens Doors in Gwangju A civil affairs support center for Chinese visitors and residents in Gwangju opened its doors yesterday. The support center was … 04-09 1860
2354 TEXT 목포대 벚꽃축제 7~8일 열린다 Mokpo University Cherry Blossom Festival to be Held from April 7th to the 8th Mokpo National University will hold its annual Cherry Blossom Festival from April 7th for two days. Celebrating its 11th year an… 04-08 2215
2353 TEXT 순천, 관광객 위한 교통망 체계 대대적 손질한다 Suncheon to Revise Transportation System in the City for Tourists The city of Suncheon will revise its transportation system throughout this year to better accommodate travelers to the… 04-08 2246
2352 TEXT 2014년, 광주전남 지역만 흡연율 증가 Smoking Rate in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Increases Whereas Nationwide Average Falls In the midst of the downward trend observed among smokers nationwide, the smoking rate in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has i… 04-08 2106
2351 TEXT 검찰, 세월호 선장 항소심도 사형 구형 Prosecutors Seeks Death Penalty for Captain of the Sewol Ferry in Appeal Trial In an appeals trial yesterday, regional prosecutors in the Gwangju High Court of Justice demanded the death penalty for… 04-08 1972
2350 TEXT 광주시, 전남도 외지 관광객 유치한다 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Attract Tourists for Spring Tourism Week Gwangju and Jeollanamdo hope to attract tourists and visitors from across the country to its local tourist attractions during the … 04-08 2113
2349 TEXT 초중고, 봄 관광주간에 쉰다 Nationwide Schools to be On Break during Spring Tourism Week 89 percent of nationwide elementary, middle and high schools will be on 5 to 8 day break during Spring Tourism Week. The Ministry of Culture, Sports … 04-08 2045
2348 TEXT 미 전투기 무안공항 비상 착륙 U.S. Combat Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing at Muan International Airport Two U.S. combat aircraft F16s made an emergency landing at Muan International Airport yesterday afternoon around 3:27 p.m. due to mal… 04-08 2185
2347 TEXT 전남 소방본부, 다문화 외국인 119 신고 접수 매뉴얼 제작한다 Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters to Produce Report Manual for 119 Targeting Foreigners in the Area Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters will produce and utilize a… 04-08 2058
2346 TEXT 전남도 한빛원전 전담 부서 신설한다 Jeollanamdo to Newly Launch Hanbit Nuclear Complex Department Jeollanamdo recently established and launched a provincial department that will mainly be in charge of the management of the Hanbit Nucle… 04-08 1963
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