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2085 TEXT 광주시민 교통질서 지키기 정책 확립 Traffic Order Establishment Policy for Gwangju Citizens Prepared The Regional Gwangju Police Agency released 31 different measures aimed at maintaining traffic order and preventing obstructions. Id… 03-05 1983
2084 TEXT 전남농업박물관, 영암서 대보름 행사 연다 Jeonam Agricultural Museum to Host Daeboreum Event Jeonam Agricultural Museum will host a Jeongwol Daeboreum Event on March 7th from 2 to 8 p.m. at the Agriculture Theme Park in Yeongam-gun dis… 03-04 2133
2083 TEXT 전남지역 귀농 비율 높다 Returning Population to Farming in Jeollanamdo Marks Highest Figures The population returning to farming amongst those aged 30 to 40 in Jeollanamdo marked the higher figures in the nation. The population that has … 03-04 2081
2082 TEXT 아시아문화전당 9월 개관 남은 과제는 Asian Culture Complex Makes Final Preparations for the Grand Opening of the Complex Upon the passage of the special Asian Culture Complex law at the national assembly’s plenary session yesterday, … 03-04 2167
2081 TEXT 국회 국제경기위원회, 광주 U대회 남북단일팀 구성 촉구 National Assembly Urges Creation of Joint South and North Korean Team for the Universiade The National Assembly International Sporting Games Special Supporting Committee has … 03-04 2306
2080 TEXT 광주지검, U대회 성공개최 지원단 발족한다 Gwangju Prosecution Office to Launch Supporting Committee for the Successful Hosting of the Universiade Gwangju Prosecution’s Office will launch a supporting committee comprised of local pr… 03-04 2187
2079 TEXT 장흥 토요시장 전국 재래시장 첫 ‘리콜’ 서비스 시작한다 Saturday Market in Jangheung to Begin Korea’s First Refund Service in Traditional Markets The Jeongnamjin Jangheung Saturday Market will reportedly begin Korea’s firs… 03-04 2445
2078 TEXT 목포역, 울릉도-독도 특별 관광열차 운행한다 Mokpo Station to Operate Special Tourism Train to Uleungdo and Dokdo Island Korea Railroad Corporation and its Mokpo station will operate a special tourism train that departs to Uleungdo a… 03-04 2206
2077 TEXT 한빛 3호기 증기발생기 가동 중단, 재가동 불투명 Operation of Hanbit Nuclear Generator No.3 Halted Operation of Hanbit Nuclear Complex and its nuclear power generator no. 3 has been halted due to the discovery of abnormal substances … 03-04 2385
2076 TEXT 광주 비엔날레 감독 선정, 지역 미술인 참여한다 Local Artists to Take Part in Selecting Artistic Directors for the Gwangju Biennale The Gwangju Biennale will extend opportunities for local artists to take part in the selection proce… 03-04 2289
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