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2261 TEXT 광주 시티버스, 매주 토-일 운영한다 Gwangju City Bus to be In Operation Every Saturday and Sunday The ‘Gwangju City Tour Bus’, which will offer bus rides to different tourist attractions in the cities of Gwangju and Bitgaram Innovat… 03-27 2611
2260 TEXT 코레일 광주, ‘사연 나누기’ 이벤트 펼친다 KORAIL Gwangju to Host ‘Sharing Stories Event’ on April Korea Railway Corporation Gwangju Headquarters will host a ‘Story Sharing’ event on electric signboards at the Gwangju and J… 03-27 2164
2259 TEXT 국민안전처, 조명 없는 섬 헬기 착륙장에 설치비 지원한다 Public Safety Officials to Support Installation Aids for Lighting Installation in Landing Facilities in Regional Islands The Ministry of Public Safety and Security will off… 03-26 2248
2258 TEXT 전북 정읍시, 내달 1일 KTX 개통 기념식 Jeungup City in North Jeolla to Host ‘KTX Opening Ceremony’ The city of Jeungup in North Jeolla province will host an opening ceremony and celebratory concert on April 1st, a day before the offic… 03-26 2161
2257 TEXT 영암 F1 경주장 지난해 14만명 찾아 Korea International Circuit in Yeongam Marks Some 140,000 spectators Last Year The Korea International Circuit located in Yeongam, which was constructed as a racing circuit to be used in hosting Korea Fo… 03-26 2182
2256 TEXT 해안 그린벨트, 해상 국립공원 규제 완화되나 Regulations for Maritime Green Belts and National Parks to be Lifted Regulations on maritime green belts and national park areas that have previously prevented local maritime resources fro… 03-26 2145
2255 TEXT 광주 전통문화관 가야금 병창단 공연 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center to Showcase Gayageum Performance this Weekend Gwangju Traditional Culture Center will showcase a local Gayageum performance group’s concert this Saturday from 3 p… 03-26 2250
2254 TEXT 무안군, 도청이전 효과 누린다 Muan Enjoys Benefits from Relocation of Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Amongst 22 cities and districts in Jeollanamdo, Muan-gun district in Jeollanamdo saw the highest growth in local taxes collected from the re… 03-26 2156
2253 TEXT 광주시민단체 + 전국 대학생 U대회 성공개최 염원 국토대장정 Civil Groups and University Students to Travel Across the Nation Wishing for the Successful Hosting of the Universiade Local civil groups in Gwangju and nationwide univ… 03-26 2228
2252 TEXT 광주시 누리과정 예산 긴급 지원한다 Gwangju to Provide Childcare Supplement The city of Gwangju will provide financial aid to the Gwangju Office of Education for its childcare supplement for March. The city reportedly agreed yesterda… 03-26 2089
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