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2241 TEXT 올해 518 기념행사, 시민 참여 대폭 확대한다 May 18th Ceremonial Events to Expand Citizens’ Participation in the Programs The May 18th People’s Uprising Memorial Committee will reportedly expand citizens’ participation in a serie… 03-25 2184
2240 TEXT 518 35주년 행사위원회, 슬로건 공모 May 18th 35th Anniversary Event Committee Seeks Slogan for this Year The May 18 People’s Uprising Memorial Committee will seek slogans for the May 18th event until April 4th. The committee explain… 03-25 2015
2239 TEXT 광주 우치동물원 생태 학습의 장으로 변신한다 Gwangju Uchi Zoo Park to be Turned into an Ecological Learning Center Gwangju Uchi Zoo Park will be opened to the public on April 1st with a grand plan to transform the park into an ecol… 03-25 1925
2238 TEXT 광주 트라우마 센터 자원 활동가 모집 Gwangju Trauma Center to Recruit Volunteers Gwangju Trauma Center will recruit some 30 volunteers until March 30th. Anyone who is older than 18 years old can sign up as a volunteer that will assis… 03-25 2013
2237 TEXT 예술의 거리에 공연문화 움튼다 Street Performances to Fill Art Street A series of high quality street performances with different themes and genres of music will be showcased on Art Street every Friday from March 27th. Three different … 03-24 1947
2236 TEXT 한국전력, ‘전력서비스 개선 국민제안’ 공모 KEPCO to Seek ‘Suggestions for Improving Energy Efficiency’ Korea Electric Power Corporation will reportedly look for ways to improve energy efficiency until April 30th. The upcomi… 03-24 1943
2235 TEXT 직장 근처에서 즐기는 ‘런치콘서트’ 광주에서 본다 ‘Lunch concert’ Near Work Places to be Available in Gwangju A ‘lunch concert’ will be prepared and hosted on ‘Culture Wednesday’ on March 25th from 12:20 p.m. at th… 03-24 1939
2234 TEXT 광주시 나무 나눠주기, 26일에 열린다 Tree-sharing Event to be Held on March 26th from 11 a.m. A free ‘Tree-sharing Event’ will be held at Gwangju city hall’s outdoor music hall from 11 a.m. on March 26th. Trees will be given to 1… 03-24 2147
2233 TEXT 광역의원 100여명, 호남선 KTX 요금 인하 촉구 Regional Councilors to Request Rate Cuts for Honam KTX Tickets Regional councilors from Gwangju and South and North Jeolla provinces visited the Korea Railroad Corporation headquarters and t… 03-24 1982
2232 TEXT 전남개발공사, 여수 경도에 호텔-카지노 유치 추진 Jeonam Development Institute to Attract Hotel and Casino to Yeosu Gyeongdo Island Jeonam Development Institute reportedly plans to attract a five star hotel and foreigner-customized… 03-24 1934
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