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1280 TEXT 나주시, 내년 고교 무상급식 확대 Naju to Expand Free Meal for High School Next Year The city of Naju will extend its free meal program that has provided for local elementary and middle schools to high schools starting next year. Naju h… 11-20 3538
1279 TEXT 2014 국제실버박람회 20일 광주서 개막 2014 International Silver Exposition to Kick Off in Gwangju Today The 2014 International Silver Exposition will kick off today and last for three days at Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju. C… 11-20 3550
1278 TEXT 광산구, 도로명 주소 행정자치부장관상 수상 Gwangsan-gu Wins Award from the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Gwangju Gwangsan-gu district has recently been selected as an excellent municipal organization by the Mi… 11-19 3708
1277 TEXT 광주전남 무역수지 개선 Trade Balance in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Improves Figures for the trade balance in both Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have improved greatly from the same time last year. Semiconductor and home appliances led the trade imp… 11-19 4003
1276 TEXT 무등산 웹생태 박물관 구축 Mt. Mudeung Web Ecological Museum to be Established The city of Gwangju will launch a web-based ecological museum of Mt. Mudueng with the cooperation of Gwangju Information Culture and Industry Promotion Center … 11-19 3895
1275 TEXT 영국 고전영화 특별전, 광주극장에서 28일부터 12월 7일 British Classic Film to be Shown at the Gwangju Cinema from November 28th to December 7th Gwangju’s one and only independent movie theatre, Gwangju Cinema, will host a Special… 11-19 3941
1274 TEXT 국민대통합위원회 광주서 518 민주묘지 참배한다 Korea Integration Committee to Visit Gwangju May 18th National Cemetery The Korea Integration Committee, affiliated with the Presidential Office, will make a visit to the city of Gwang… 11-19 3713
1273 TEXT 중국 신혼부부 1,000쌍 전남에서 웨딩촬영 한다 Newly Married Couples to Shoot Wedding Photos in Jeollanamdo Some 1,000 newly married Chinese couples are expected to shoot wedding photos in Jeollanamdo from next April through 2015 at fa… 11-19 3939
1272 TEXT 순천만서 20일부터 친환경 디자인전 열린다 Eco-friendly Design Exhibition to be Held from the 20th for Four days in Suncheon Bay The ‘2014 Land of Life – Eco-friendly Design Exhibition’ will be held from November 20th for four d… 11-19 3665
1271 TEXT 아-태 재생에너지 포럼 18일 여수서 개막 Asia – Pacific Renewable Energy Forum Kicks Off in Yeosu The 4th Asia – Pacific Renewable Energy Forum kicked off yesterday in Yeosu at the Emvl Hotel with the attendance of 600 energy experts… 11-19 3773
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