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1421 TEXT 청년 사랑방, 광주청년센터 들어선다 Gwangju Youth Center for Cultural and Creative Activities Among the Young Generation in Gwangju to be Launched A Gwangju Youth Center, which will function as a multi-purpose center for cultural and c… 12-09 2858
1420 TEXT 박지원 의원 국감 우수의원 4관왕, 박혜자 의원 우수 국회의원 선정 Regional Lawmakers Selected as Excellent Parliamentary Inspectors The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy party lawmaker representing Mokpo in… 12-09 2676
1419 TEXT 광주 구도심에 ‘아파트형 공장’ 들어선다 ‘Apartment Style Factory’ to be Constructed in Old Urban Area in Gwangju An apartment style factory for the creation of a labor intensive working place will be constructed in an old urba… 12-09 3033
1418 TEXT 목포역 31일, ‘정동진 해맞이 열차’ 운행 Mokpo Station to Operate Jeongdongjin Sunrise Train Korea Railroad Corporation and its Mokpo station will operate a ‘Jeongodngjin Sunrise Train’ on December 31st to offer passengers an oppo… 12-09 2904
1417 TEXT 광주전남, 이번주도 눈-비 Snow and Rain Forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo This Week With the lowest temperature dropping down to -6 degrees Celsius across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, mostly cold and snowy days are forecast in the region this … 12-08 3019
1416 TEXT 광주서 20-24일 산타대작전 나눔행사 진행 ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ Event to be Held in Gwangju A special ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ event will be held from December 20th to the 24th in Gwangju, targeting 150 local … 12-08 3145
1415 TEXT 나주 빛가람 혁신도시 전입 인구, 42% 수도권 출신 42 Percent of Newly Residents of Bitgaram City from Capital Region Recent demographics research on new residents in the Gwangju and Jeonam Joint Innovation City at Bitgaram found that… 12-08 3086
1414 TEXT 전남도, 응급의료 복지부장관 기관 표창 Jeollanamdo to be Awarded Ministry of Health and Welfare Prize for its Emergency Medical System Jeollanamdo has received an excellence award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for its well-o… 12-08 2870
1413 TEXT 전남도 도시재생 사업 위원회 구성된다 Jeollanamdo Urban Renewal Project Committee to be Launched The Jeollanamdo Urban Renewal Project Committee will be launched by the end of this month to revitalize 22 cities and districts in Jeollan… 12-08 2842
1412 TEXT 호남 미래포럼, 전라도 출신 불가 채용공고 남양공업, 인권위 조사 촉구 Namyang Auto Parts Targeted for Investigation by the Human Rights Commission for Discriminatory Comments against Jeolla region The Namyang Auto Parts Com… 12-08 3082
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