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14442 TEXT 광주·전남 전역에 폭염 특보 Heat wave alerts issued on Gwangju-Jeollanamdo Steamy summer conditions continue to hover over Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. Heat wave alerts have been issued on most parts of the region after one day of recess. A… 08-14 8
14441 TEXT 전남도,김대중 전 대통령 서거10주기 추모사업 추진 Jeollanamdo to enforce commemorative events for Kim Dae Jung Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall on Tuesday announced plans to carry out various commemorative events in memory of late former Pr… 08-14 10
14440 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Temperatures in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will remain above 25 degrees Celsius overnight, so find a cool place to rest and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Tomorrow will be a hot and cloudy day… 08-13 4
14439 TEXT KBO "관중800만명 힘들다"··· 4년 만에700만대 추락 KBO to see lowest number of spectators in 4 years South Korea’s pro-baseball is expected to see the lowest number of spectators in 4 years. 2019 KBO teams have so far played 542 match… 08-13 9
14438 TEXT 광주 풍향동 재개발아파트2천900가구 건설…지역 최대급 Gwangju’s Poonghyangdong to have massive reconstruction project Gwangju’s Poonghyangdong is looking to host 2,900 new households through a massive reconstruction project. A… 08-13 6
14437 TEXT 금호타이어 노조,단체교섭 잠정합의안 또 부결 Unionized workers at Kumho Tire fail to agree on collective deal Unionized workers at Kumho Tire Co. voted down a collective deal that their executives reached with the company management. … 08-13 9
14436 TEXT '대구∼광주1시간 생활권'달빛내륙철도 조기 건설에 박차 Conference To Advance ‘Dalbit Inland Railway Construction’ Held A conference was held in order to seek ways to speed up construction of the inland railway between … 08-13 18
14435 TEXT 행안부·시·시민권익위, 13일亞문화전당서 ‘찾아가는 포럼’ Open Communication forum kicks off in Gwangju The Ministry of the Interior and Safety and Gwangju Civic Rights Committee hosted an Open Communication forum on Tuesdayat the… 08-13 6
14434 TEXT 광복절 앞두고 독립유공자·후손 靑 초청 오찬-文대통령"역사 성찰,휘둘리지 않는 나라로" Moon hosts luncheon for independence fighters and their offspring President Moon Jae In on Tuesday hosted a luncheon for independence … 08-13 30
14433 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under partly cloudy skies today. Some 5~20mm of sporadic showers are expected. The air quality will sit in normal ranges while the UV index will be measured high. … 08-13 6
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