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1005 TEXT 인천 장애인 아시안게임 18일부터 Incheon Para Asian Games to Kick Off on October 18th The Incheon Para-Asian Games will be held from October 18th for seven days with the attendance of 6,000 Asian athletes from 42 different countries marki… 10-15 3867
1004 TEXT 문화체육관광부, 아시아 문화개발원장 임명 Cultural Ministry Appoints New Chairman of the Asia Culture Development Institute The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has appointed Choi Jong-mahn (최종만), the current vice chair… 10-15 4031
1003 TEXT 승촌보 영산강문화장터 행사 주말마다 북적북적 Seungchonbo Yeongsan River Cultural Market Welcomes Surge of Visitors Every Weekend Seungchon Park, located near the Yeongsan River in Namgu and Naju, is welcoming a surge of visitors … 10-15 4124
1002 TEXT 전남도, 10년동안 나무 1억그루 심는다 Jeollanamdo to Plant 100 Million Trees Over 10 Years Governor of Jeollanamdo, Lee Nak-yeon, will reportedly plant 100 million trees over a 10-year period, starting next year. According to Jeollanam… 10-15 3530
1001 TEXT 목포-제주 여객 항로 활기 찾아 Mokpo-Jeju Travel Routes Revitalized Having previously suffered from a recession after the April 16th Ferry Disaster that claimed nearly 300 lives, sea travel routes linking Mokpo and Jeju are once again wel… 10-15 3572
1000 TEXT 광주 마을축제, 인문학 축제로 열린다 Various Festivities in Gwangju to be Held With Humanities and Literature Theme With many festivals in Gwangju set to take place with a humanities, literature and culture theme, festivals that in the … 10-15 3646
999 TEXT 전남 쌀 생산량 감소세 Production Rate for Jeollanamdo-grown Rice on Downward Trend Korea’s representative agricultural province of Jeollanamdo will reportedly face a large reduction in rice harvest this year due to the great decrease in ri… 10-15 3688
998 TEXT 동부 대우전자 광주공장 일부 중국 이전 Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Gwangju Plant to be Relocated to China Dongbu Daewoo Electronics, which has its major production plant in Gwangju, will reportedly transform the Gwangju plant into a prod… 10-15 4254
997 TEXT 광주-대구 품앗이 관광 시작 Gwangju – Daegu to Exchange Cultural Tourism Activities The Municipal Alliance between the city of Gwangju and Daegu, the Dalbit Alliance, that pledges active cultural and economic exchanges between the two cit… 10-14 3828
996 TEXT 보성, 22일부터 ‘행복택시’ 운영 Boseong to Operate ‘Happiness Taxi’ from the 22nd Boseong-gun district will test run a ‘Happiness Taxi’ from October 22nd thru the rest of the year. ‘Happiness Taxi’ was one of the campaign … 10-14 3888
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