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3115 TEXT 광주시, 국립 518민주묘지 방문 코스 운영한다 Gwangju to Operate May 18th National Cemetery Travel Course A familiarization tour aimed at promoting and introducing the democratic spirit of the 1980 May 18th Democratization Movement will… 07-10 1933
3114 TEXT U대회-대한민국, 메달 순위 1위 South Korea Adds More Gold to Remain at the Top Team South Korea reached its summer Universiade gold medal goal yesterday by winning two more gold medals. South Korea captured the women's sabre team gold … 07-10 1788
3113 TEXT 광주학부모의 학교에대한 청렴인식 좋아지다 The Integrity Awareness for Parents Improves The integrity awareness for schools of parents of students in Gwangju seems to be improving yearly. The ‘2015 Bribe and Illegal Contribution … 07-10 1720
3112 TEXT 광주유니버시아드파크에서 전통혼례재현행사 열리다 The Revival Event of Tradition Wedding Held at Gwangju Universiade Park A new man and wife have been wed during the Gwangju Summer Universiade with the blessings of people from ar… 07-10 1888
3111 TEXT 광주 하남산단, 혁신산단으로 재탄생한다 Gwangju Hanam Industrial Complex to Be Reborn As Innovative Industrial Complex The old Gwangju Hanam Industrial Complex will be reborn as an innovative industrial complex with extensive support. … 07-10 1957
3110 TEXT 광주김대중컨벤션센터와 한국전기자동차리더스협회, 업무협약 체결하다 Gwangju Kim Dae Jung Convention Center and Korea Electric Automobile Leaders' Association to Sign Memorandum of Understanding The Gwangju Kim Dae Jun… 07-10 2036
3109 TEXT U대회 선수들, 선수촌서다채로운 휴가 시간보내다 Universiade Athletes to Spend Varied Break Time at Athletes' Village Gwangju Summer Universiade athletes have been spending break time in a variety of ways. The athletes, who c… 07-10 2182
3108 TEXT '2015 광주 판타지 4 뮤직페스티벌‘, 상무조각공원서열린다 ‘2015 Gwangju Fantasy 4 Music Festival' To Be Held at Sangmu Sculpture Park The ‘2015 Gwangju Fantasy 4 Music Festival’, in which top DJs in Korea will part… 07-10 2044
3107 TEXT 여수해양경비안전서, 기름 유출 선박적발하다 Yeosu Coast Guard Safety Agency Exposes Oil Spill Ship The Yeosu Coast Guard Safety Agency has announced that it has uncovered a case of sea pollution, which occurred due to a leak of oil f… 07-10 1790
3106 TEXT 광주, 자전거도시 여행 9일부터운영 Bicycle Tour in Gwangju Program to be in Operation from July 9th The city of Gwangju will officially launch its Bicycle Tour Program from July 9th, making stops at various tourist attractions in Gwangju.… 07-09 1757
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