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3060 TEXT U대회 선수촌 경찰서비스센터, 네팔 선수단에게 격려품 전달하다 Police Service Center of Universiade Athletes’ Village Delivers Gift of Encouragement The police service center of the Universiade athletes’ village has delivere… 07-06 1751
3059 TEXT U대회 조직위, 선수단과 관광객 위해 6개국어 콜센터 운영한다 The Organizing Committee of Universiade to Operate Call Center in 6 Languages for Delegations and Tourists The organizing committee of the Gwangju Summer Universiade has… 07-06 1785
3058 TEXT 미리보는 U대회 개막식 Sneak Peak at the Universiade Opening Ceremony The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will kick off today at the main stadium in the Gwangju World Cup Stadium from 7 p.m. for 3 hours and 20 minutes tonight. With the them… 07-03 1778
3057 TEXT 한국 선수단, 선수촌 공식 입촌 South Korean Delegates Officially Enter Athletes Village The 516 athletes and officials in South Korea that will play in all 21 sports at the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade were formally welcomed at the ath… 07-03 1708
3056 TEXT 메르스 중단 화순적벽 버스투어, 4일부터 재개된다 Previously Halted Hwasun Jeokbyuk Bus Tour due to MERs to be Resumed from the 4th Previously canceled due to the MERS outbreak in South Korea, the tour bus to Hwasun Jeokbyuk or Hwa… 07-03 1999
3055 TEXT 광주출신 기계체조 국가대표 양학선, 리허설 기간 부상으로 양2 숨겨 Gwangju-born Gymnast, Yang Hak-seon, Will Not Show his Famous 'Yang 2 Skill' The reigning Olympic champion and one of South Korea's medal hop… 07-03 1893
3054 TEXT U대회, 친환경-저비용 대회로 치른다 Eco-friendly Low-cost Universiade to be Held The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, which will officially kick off today, is garnering attention for its sustainable operational plans for the sporting ven… 07-03 1784
3053 TEXT 광주시, U대회 기간 동안 맞춤형 투어 운영한다 Gwangju City to Operate Customized Tourism During Universiade A “Familiarization Tour”, in which Gwangju Summer Universiade athletes and the press corps can enjoy the taste, charm and … 07-03 1903
3052 TEXT 코레일, 개·폐회식날임시 열차 운행한다 Korail to Run Temporary Train on The Day of Opening and Closing The Korea Railroad Corporation Gwangju Headquarters has announced plans to operate a temporary train on the night of the Gwangju Sum… 07-03 1767
3051 TEXT 광주동부경찰서,새누리당부대변인불구속입건하다 Gwangju Eastern Police Station to Indict Deputy Spokesperson of Saenuri Party Without Detention The Gwangju Dongbu Police Station has detained the deputy spokesperson of the main rulin… 07-03 1949
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